Something in the way she moves

Garance Doré snapped this shot at a Dries van Noten show, and I am captivated by it.

The dress of graduated navy and cream stripes, worn with a cream and brown shoe- which is not a natural choice
, but personalizes the dress- speaks to me of an independent and unconventional woman. Could this be Isabella Rossellini?

I liked her forthright watch, too, an Hermes Cape Cod with double-tour strap

But mostly, I noticed her relaxed and easy stride; she can actually
walk in her graceful low heels.

Garance shot these bead-decorated sandals at the same show. The heel must be four inches. Fashiony and fierce, but I'm wondering how many polished stone steps she can navigate before a fall or how many hours she can wear these without wrecking her feet.


I know a doctor in Perugia, a central Italian hill city where I studied, who was utterly livid about would-be fashionistas sauntering down the steep old stone steps and inclined streets in very-high-heeled sandals, shoes and boots, even in the wintertime. Perugia is high-altitude enough to get a bit of snow, and can often be icy. The doctor is fashionable in the manner of most educated Italian women, more like the first photo.
Frugal Scholar said…
Well, since I totter in even 1/2 inch heels, I only wear flats and have always had a great stride. I walk very fast, though I'm starting to slow down.
mette said…
I´m so tired of all the high high pumps and high high platform shoes and boots with very high heels. Why are there so few shoes with sensible heels? I want some heel, but don´t wish to twist my ankles. Btw, the Hermes watch is interesting too.
s. said…
Heels are pretty to look at but I have places to go and things to do! I wish we had more choices for elegant shoes made for action (that aren't sneakers, bien sur).
Maggie said…
Some people just have efortless style...or at least it looks that way.
hollarback said…
I find high heels very unstylish and unsexy...if you cannot walk properly (and no one really can, some manage to not fall, but cannot really walk or stride) you look foolish, not confident or sexy. 2.5-3 inch heels are best.

Platforms solve the problem the best. But seriously, 4" heels look dumb unless standing still.
hollarback said…
They do need to make more shoes at the 1.5-2" range for everyday that look stylish. At the most, I wear a 2.5" heel, usually Clarks Indigo line or similar. I look good, am happy and most importantly, I can walk. And I always get compliments on my shoes.
toast said…
having broken in my first pair of 4 inch heels, I can report the pleasure of having strengthened my stride by the end of the day to the point of almost sashaying

came home, took them off, my feet felt literally broken at the arch

then noted on "so you think you can dance" that all the women dancers' shoes are HIGH
Duchesse said…
michael's: Some women know how to walk in 4-inch (or higher heels) and but I feel vulnerable at anything over about 2 1/2 inches. Pls wear when we have lunch, I'd love to see them!

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