How to get the dress of your dreams

Those of us looking for dresses, I have found a wonderful resource! They will make the dress of your dreams, beautifully sewn... and you can design it on their web site.

As part of my burgeoning affair with Buffalo NY, I was researching shops to check out on my next visit, and found Dress by Design.

Just click to see the styles, their array of fabrics, and ecstatic testimonials. If you have a short torso, large bust, tiny shoulders, are a different size
top and bottom, you can play with the design and have your dress, your way.

Sleeve and neck options, lengths, pockets and trims: your heart's desire in simple, elegant dress designs.

If you wish, they will even send you a muslin to try before the final model. You can also send them fabric and they'll make the dress. Dresses from their fabrics are priced from about $US 250 up, depending on fabric, length and specifications.

This is a goddess-send for those of us searching for dresses. And yes, they ship internationally.


Looks great - have you tried them yet?
lagatta à montréal said…
Imagine your perfect dress, in your favourite colour, for a "mature" wedding...
Duchesse said…
Imogen: I will be passing through their city in late July so plan to go to them. But if not, having read their Quality Assurance page, I would design and order using this site.

lagatta: I was thinking of you; you can even send the fabric you buy from Madeleine.
hollarback said…
This is an amazing find! Well done.

Viva Buffalo!
sallymandy said…
Definitely a site to remember when my spending hiatus is over. Thanks.

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