Jellies: Summer shoes that smile

I have an irrational, inexplicable love for jellies. Is it the lighthearted colours? The (usually) low price? No mind. Lots of jellies are seasonal delights, but you need ventilation, those solid Tory Burch jelly flats, besides being costly, will make your feet feel like they're encased in garbage bags.

A selection of air-conditioned jellies:

N.Y.L.A. Shoes' Zasha in orange, red or smoke, $32.95 from ShoeBuy. A well-aerated jelly flat with minimal arch.

Taryn by Taryn Rose give jellies an arch and a leather-lined footbed, and come in blue, clear, grass, smoke or tangerine jell. The comfort of a real shoe in a jelly is not cheap, but you can wear th
em all day. $89 from zappos.

Jack Roger's Navajo Jelly Thong mixes clear jelly with a leopard insole, now that's summer! $54.95 from Endless.

Gladiator Jellies by Chinese Laundry are on sale for $29.95, also from Endless. You've gotta grin.

Best really cheap jellies award goes to City Style Beaded Jelly
Sandals, for the cute beaded detail, and of course zero arch. But what do you expect for $9?

Available from
New York & Co. within the continental US only.

Sexy Jelly

Delia's Nyla Jelly Heels make me smile, and if I could handle the height, I'd buy them, because they're only $35 and come in the most luscious colours. Siren jellies, who knew?

Riche Jellies

Ralph Lauren's Karly jelly sandal, goes for a hefty $195 on his web site. Why in the world make a $200 pair of jellies?

Quite Palm Beachy with those brass bits, but hardly an example of the cheerful, silly jelly ethic.

Lauren does show an adorable pair of classic jelly fisherman sandals, but they're for jelly babies only, in preschool sizes, for $28.

Givenchy Shoes does jellies, too, for $170 at Shopstyle.

The Cutout Jelly Flat is cute but, like Lauren's, lack the translucency of true jellies.
They are just expensive pieces of rubber. Jellies are supposed to be cheap, fun, nutty shoes, not a two-hundred dollar outlay!

I wore a pair of pink sparkle jelly sandals I picked up for about $35 in London till they fell apart. Those jellies were joyous, and I'm ready for this summer's version.


Imogen Lamport said…
I've not worn jellies since I was a kid - and all I remember is that your feet sweat and stink - even with ventilation. Are the new jellies somehow different? Or do you just not wear them in extreme summers like we get here?
Duchesse said…
Imogen: Have not changed, this is why I have shown mostly very open models; you'd wear the thongs or more open models in heat. The jelly advantage is that they are impervious to water, sunblock or anything else you throw at them. Also, you are likely to be a bit less active in yours than a charging six year old.
Steph said…
Love the jellies!! Especially the Chinese Laundry ones too cute!!
Anjela's Day said…
These are the best Thanks for posting them. I buy them in China Town in New York!!But China Town in LA had the better colors!! Great with capris and look amazing too!! I wear them for beach walks as one can have the feel of the water yet be protected from sharp things laying about!!
Frugal Scholar said…
I can't wear these (I can't wear much of anything on my feet), but I remember fondly the adorable little French jellies a friend brought my daughter (this was before they were available here).
Fritinancy said…
Blisters, blisters, blisters. Pass.
metscan said…
I remember buying a few pair of these for my daughter a long time ago. They looked cute and were cheap. I don´t remember if she liked them though.
Anonymous said…
Maybe for the beach...
Lindsey said…
I too LOVE jellies.!! Perfect as a summer wear footwear. This summer I got cute jelly sandals from New York & Company.

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