I just spilled red wine on your carpet, sorry!

Did reading the title make you cringe? Have you, like one woman I know banned red wine from indoor enjoyment?

Every now and then I post on fabulous cleaning products, because, yes, I am a neat freak.

This product will save y
our bacon, and your carpet: Wine Away. It's a sure thing on fresh stains; for set-in stains, as their web site advises, cross our fingers and use repeated applications.

My GF Gaye stood near a waiter who toppled a glass of red on her new pink wool suit; it was ruined. If only the restaurant had Wine Away! I've successfully treated white table line
ns to 100% perfection.

Wine Away
also works on stubborn organic stains like blood. It's rescued our wool carpets from assorted animal indiscretions. Made from fruit and vegetable extracts, it has a fresh citrus scent, and does not contain bleach or phosphates.

Anyone who serves vin rouge needs a bottle of this amazing product, because it's just a matter of time till the dog, the DH or some party-animal friend spills a glass. They even sell mini-kits to tuck in your purse for emergencies.

I buy mine at the liquor store; you can also order via the web site.


lagatta à montréal said…
Good to know that stuff actually works - I've seen it on sale very close to me, at a shop specialised in wine glasses, carafes etc on St-Laurent in La Petite Italie, Montréal.

I have only one rug (an oriental, in my office) as I actually like my hardwood floors "nude", and very little in the way of upholstered furniture, as living room is officized so must entertain guests in dining room/kitchen or on the balconies in nice weather.

But a small one would come in handy on any trip with a "business" component or simply when out at a nice restaurant in good clothing.

I had a friend (deceased now, in old age) who was a lawyer in Venice. Venice, as you know, is infested with pigeons. And Italians, as everyone knows, are very fussy dressers and Italian lawyers, male and female, wear beautiful suits. Fortunately it was summer and he had his suit jacket off to meet me for lunch, so the inevitable pigeon poo only destroyed his beautiful shirt.

Will this product stand up to pigeon poo, the crack cocaine of evil stains?
Duchesse said…
lagatta: No, this product is specifically for red wine stains; I mostly use it on shirts and table linens. Pigeon poop: the most common advice is to let it dry, then flick off with a knife or edge of credit card (never touch). Finally, dab spot with damp cloth to remove residual stain. But few people can sit calmly in a café while the plop dries!

Washable fabric can be cleaned with fabric-safe bleach.
Mardel said…
I've seen wine away, but not used it. I shall procure a bottle soon.

I spilled a glass of red wine at a party at a new neighbor's house many years ago. She was throwing a party celebrating her new white birch floors and white carpets and I did not see a step down into the living room from the dining room. I was mortified and rather intimidated as she is a woman of formidable chic. I wish I had known about wine away then, but she got the stain out and we have become friends, so I guess it was not too bad.

That said I had a waiter trip and spill a bottle of red wine on a rather nice silk suit I was wearing in a rather fancy restaurant. The restaurant provided something for me to change into (I was soaked through) and sent the suit out to be cleaned at their expense. I have been a patron ever since.
Frugal Scholar said…
@Duchesse--Re above comment--you certainly know a lot! Re red wine--I remember a poor freshman spilling a glass on our French teacher's new gray-green carpet. I have no recollection of the outcome.
Duchesse said…
mardel: Whew, sounds like it ended well. Tea is the one thing that I have not been able to get out of a carpet. Have never heard of a restaurant having backup clothes, impressive!

Fugal: I live in a city full of pigeons; bound to happen, usually when you are wearing something nice.

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