The first sunny weekend of spring

There are pleasures (pistachio gelato, a spray of forsythia, new sunglasses) that might also be enjoyed in other seasons, but when nature unfurls its splendour and the sun shines as it did here this weekend, those delights are (as a son says) "funner" in spring.

the weekend, I
  • Got red toes and wore sandals for the first time
  • Drank fresh-squeezed lemonade
  • Ran into my friend Diverchic on the street and accompanied her to select a vintage scarf for a Mothers' Day gift
  • Watched the trillium push up in our garden, the Japanese maple unfurl
  • Had four lively, funny and interesting friends to dinner (at which we served the Potage St-Germain I posted)
  • Visited my hairdressser; hair cut shorter than I anticipated, a 'lightening'
  • Prowled through an outdoor antique market, enjoying the browse
  • Washed black sweaters and put them away for months
  • Stroked the shedding coat of our elderly, ailing and beloved cat
  • Watched toddlers jump off the slightest rise, making a 2-inch drop an adventure
What are the particular pleasures of spring for you?


Lia said…
Seeing the vibrantly colored shiny new leaves on vines, trees and bushes. Wide smiles on people who are now out and about. Tulips and lilacs.
Goslings crossing the busy street by the river.
Frugal Scholar said…
--Washing and putting away sweaters.
--Even more donations and decluttering.
--Changing from that heavy black purse to something lighter in color and weight.
--Looking longingly at the novels lined up on my bookshelf that I will be able to read once all my papers/exams are graded

That's just a start.
Susan B said…
--The bright green new leaves on my elm and birch trees
--Wearing my white jeans
--Enjoying a bruch al fresco without heat lamps
nurmisur/ said…
I enjoyed walking in the park with the sun shinning and some lighter shoes.

I've added you to my blogroll( That was also a nice thing to do for the first weekend of spring :) )
diverchic said…
Having some energy and ambition. Noticing that ambition exceeds energy.
Getting back into my sandals. Sunny encounters with beloved friends.
Not having to bundle up. Watching the leaves come out. Noticing the new sun patterns in the yard. Meeting strangers in the lane while I guerrila garden. Frolicking.
lagatta à Montréal said…
The decluttering - took two bicycle bags, twice, to a local charity shop, le Chaînon (which helps homeless and troubled women). Haven't done the big clothing decluttering yet for two reasons 1) not had the time and 2) still carrying a bit of "winter weight" which has been coming off with the cycling - oh sure, I'd like to lose more than that but that would be a project - so it isn't quite time to try everything on.

Sandals for at least a week or two now, except on chilly wet days.

Helped a friend wash her wooden patio furniture yesterday afternoon. We are still hesitating to put plants out, as we are in a cooler zone than Duchesse.

Haven't really had a cappuccino or a glass of wine on a terrasse yet, but will. More interested in riding my bicycle. Seeing cyclists less hardcore than I am bringing out their bicycles, and a strong dose of cycle chic, of both sexes.

Encountering people I haven't seen for months, at Jean-Talon markets and on the streets everywhere. And of course the pretty trees and flowers.

Dreading another birthday, but I'll be too busy working that week to worry about it.
dana said…
--That particular shade of new green
--Wide leg linen pants
--My twin sons' discovery of strawberries, or as Eric says, "strawbabies"
--Open windows for the brief moment before allergies kick in
--Supper by daylight
--Playground visits
--No coats!
Glove Slap said…
the first ice cream cone of the year!
materfamilias said…
I enjoyed seeing the advent of spring through your Torontonian eyes, Duchesse, and even had an answering comment including my list. Sadly, it seems to have disappeared to a parallel universe near the one where single socks end up! Enjoy those pretty new red toes and the sandals that show them off.
Changing over my wardrobe from winter to spring.

Getting burnt for the first, and only time (oops just did that on my first day in LA, forgotten about the sunscreen!).
lady jicky said…
Liking those red toes!
lagatta à montréal said…
You and le Duc must give your dear old feline friend a special pat from the miraculously lost-and-found Renzo and his willing human slave. Hope the spring sun warms his poor old bones.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: thank you for your well-wishes, he is gaining strength by the day. I think he may last for several more lives.

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