Happy birthday, goddess: Pam Grier

Pam Grier turns 60 today.

Actress, singer, first African-American woman to app
ear on the cover of Ms magazine (August 1975). Came from a poor family who homesteaded in Colorado before Emancipation. ("My family was very, very receptive to all, all races and religions.")

Sang back-up for Bobby Womack. Filmed seventy segments as Kit Porter in The L Word. Famous for both 1974's B-movie, Foxy Brown and Tarantino's 1997 Jackie Brown.

"I can't talk about myself. I just can't. I know I've influenced women and I'm proud of that...
Foxy Brown actually approached me at the beginning of her career and asked me if she could use the name. I told her, 'You don't need to ask'.

If you're an independent woman,
every woman is Foxy Brown."

Happy Birthday to
the inimitable Pam Grier!


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