Thrilled by resale

I met my GF Ruth for breakfast late Saturday morning and asked if she had time to be introduced to my favourite vintage/resale store, Thrill of the Find, which opens at noon. She'd agreed to meet her 24 year old daughter, Sara, so regretted that she couldn't go this time.

I launched into an ardent soliloquy on what she was missing: items like an Hermes silk sweater-jacket, Scassi cocktail dress and Balenciaga spring suit, all candidates for her size 2-4 frame, as well as less-known but interesting designers.

"I can't spend money", she said, "I'm putting a new deck in, and landscaping my back yard. No clothes."
"You could probably find a cute top for $30-$40", I said. "No", she insisted, "Nothing."

We parted, and I spent a busy afternoon out of the house. When I returned, Le Duc said, "You have a phone message from Ruth; she went to 'Thrill'."

Ruth got Thrilled to the tune of $500: an Italian linen flower-print dress for Sara to wear to a wedding; for her, three dresses, a skirt and a jacket. When I called, she was busy pressing one of the dresses to wear to dinner that evening and was in the fizzy, giddy
throes of shopping ecstasy. "You were just so intense about it", she said, "And when you're that way, I had to find out what it was."

You might find a YSL raincoat at Goodwill for $15, as my hairdresser's assistant did, but you have to fend off an army of pickers and I've heard that many treasures never make it to the floor. In fact, one of my GFs daughters works as a "sorter" and is paid to put the good stuff aside for a downtown vintage store.

I'd rather pay Mireille at Thrill to provide carefully-curated goods in perfect condition, new or as-new.
How delicious to introduce one more friend to the particular joys of resale shopping!

What if there's no fabulous resale store near you? Today I won this pretty embroidered Indian wool shawl on eBay, for about $25. Let's hope my eBay karma holds and it's in good shape.


Frugal Scholar said…
Wonderful story. Oh, how I wish we could go shopping together, Duchesse. I've never found a really good resale shop in all the places I've lived. Or perhaps I just like digging through piles of awful stuff (it's true, I do).
Susan B said…
Here in LA, I haven't found much in between Decades (all designer, not much below $1000 or above a size 6) and the much lower end where the occasional treasure can be found if you spend lots of time regularly. I'm sure there must be resale venues along the same lines as your favorite, but trying to find them is daunting.
materfamilias said…
I meant to mention in my earlier post (the one with my new straight hair) that the black (with gold, etc., patterning) silk scarf I'm wearing came from Thrill -- and next time I visit, I'll definitely be going back there!
lagatta à montréal said…
My favourite place is a posh church bazaar - Ste-Madeleine d'Outremont; I've found some lovely, quality items there. Most of the clothes at the designer ones are either tiny sizes or matronly. Well, there is a lot of matronly stuff at my church bazaar too but I don't mind wading through it to find something pretty - at least the fabrics are good, so nice to touch.

This bazaar is only twice a year and the springtime edition is coming up very soon.

A charity shop here that often has nice items it la boutique du Chaînon, which funds a centre and shelter for homeless and distressed women. In decades past it had been one of those woeful Magdalene Laundries type places to shut away "young unwed mothers", but with the Quiet Revolution and changing mores, it has become a much more positive place. I know a couple of people who volunteer there.
That's great you have such a good resale store - There are a couple that I've visited that are good here, but you still have to rummage!

They are the kinds of places you need to get to know the owner and go regularly, so they can put aside clothes that you would like.

Hope your ebay scarf is as gorgeous as the picture.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: I know they're out there. Some people jealously guard the addresses, ask the sales people in (retail) boutiques when you get to them.

lagatta: Oh! A good church or school sale, that's a delight. The only frustration is waiting till they roll around. The store I mentioned in this post is full of goods bought in Montreal. (They scored entire closets.)

Imogen: I bake cookies for the owner!

Frugal: Come on up! The price would shock you, though, no $4 Chloe!
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: Lots of seat sales on now, and likely continuing. Would love to see you here!
Anonymous said…
I don't know about strict as a standalone look; I could do the cashmere sweater for sure. The other stuff just looks unapproachable to me.

That Coco quote confuses me: When did Coco ever refuse a boatload of pearls, brooches and earrings? That's hardly restraint!

Oops, I think I posted this comment to the wrong post, but you know I was talking about the Strict post...
Duchesse said…
Karen: Yes, I've noticed you and I are at opposite poles on the colour & print continuum!

And I so enjoy that style (girly colours and mixed prints) on you and others.
s. said…
Is this the one you bake cookies for? : )
Duchesse said…
s.: Yes! I was in there yesterday and she gave me a luscious cashmere cardi.

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