Queen, times three

The New York Times featured a profile of Queen Latifah, "Her Highness Still Rules" recently. Though it's close to the standard puff piece, it does acknowledge The Queen's past mis-steps, strong will and canny business head.

Though I admire her talent, it's this photo that stayed with me, simple, almost severe, arresting.
The shot, by Robert Maxwell, highlights her impeccable bone structure and signature burnished skin.

If you've seen her Jenny Craig pitch, she's "a size healthier" and has lowered her blood pressure 20 points.

Left and below, shots of Latifah in full "thick girl" (her term) mode: sassy, elegant, beacon of esteem for women larger than the average.

In an era of weight-obsession with the stick figure, I enjoy seeing a voluptuous woman take her place on the stage.


Carlene said…
And, AND, she has the best eyebrows in show business. (Is it weird that I noticed that?)
Susan B said…
Did you see the film version of "Chicago"? I thought Queen Latifah was amazing in her role in that movie.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Loved her in that; the prison scenes were filmed in my end of the city, in the old Gooderham & Worts factory. A friend of mine worked on the set, and said she was wonderful to be around.

Carlene: Yes, perfection!
sisty said…
Hear, hear! I always thought she was one of the most gorgeous and talented women in show business, period.
StyleSpy said…
LOVE her, and she gets better & better with age. A great example of growing into your own power & potential.
gorgeous woman -- i've admired her for years. at least she lives her life as she likes and all her misteps (whatever they may have been) were hers to make. i must admit to a bit of dismay with the whole Jenny Craig thing... but since she hasn't gone skinny (so far) i'll believe that she's doing it to "get healthy"... though it seems a lot of people start off saying they want to get healthy -- then getting skinny becomes another obsession.

my word is "outsinme" -- as if anyone could (out sin me).
Frugal Scholar said…
I believe there was an article on her in the New York Times titled "All hail the Queen."

Fabulous blog. I'll be back.

I have a frugality blog, but I offer a few glimpses into the world of style (like my Hermes ties and trips to Europe).

Thanks for some wonderful reading.
Duchesse said…
Frugal Scholar: Name of the article in the Times is "Her Highness Still Rules", as I mentioned in the first sentence of the post. The b/w photo is from that article.

Thank you, I'm off to read your blog!

bonnie-ann: Oh what a fabulous license plate that would make!

Sisty & Style Spy: WHEN will we see her on screen again?
Frugal Scholar said…
Oops--I read right over the first sentence (I'm only a literature teacher--don't tell anyone).
it would be a good license plate -- but i would need to buy a car. and since i can't drive, and probably won't ever learn at this late date, i freely pass the word on to someone who would wish to use it. i am inspired by "the Queen's" largesse. noblesse oblige, and all that.
Anonymous said…
I don't drive either, but I guess I could get a vanity plate made for my bicycle (an old black ladies' Raleigh, old-style cycle-chic).

Yes, she is great. With her high cheekbones, she looks part First Nations (Native American), which is far from uncommon among Black people in the Americas.

Duchesse, something disturbing - there is a note on your site - and on Linda Grant's Thoughtful Dresser - saying I signalled your blogs as "objectionable". Obviously I never did any such thing.
Duchesse said…
Lagatta: I had no idea; can you report it to the Blogspot admin? It sounds like perhaps your account has been hacked.

Yes, I know what you mean about a native look- she has also a slightly Asian look, it's the sloe eyes.
I love her and her fantastic self - and thought she was brilliant in Chicago.

She's just more woman to admire in my eyes!
s. said…
Good for Jenny Craig not just focusing on size but also on better health as a benefit of losing weight.

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