"Oh yes!"

...my immediate response to this American beauty shot near Lincoln Center by Scott Schuman, The Sartorialist. Everything sings, effortlessly.

We might change a heel height, chose navy over grey, brick over camel, dots over leopard. Never mind. What stops me in my tracks is a timelessness that's also fresh, an ease wrapped in refinement, wit without irony and the evident quality.

Beautiful on her– and on a woman of any age.

Not a lot of words here today, just a heartfelt brava for the ensemble and the sunny smile!


Deja Pseu said…
We're on the same wavelength again, Duchesse! My reaction to this shot was the same. The look is classic but refreshing, elegant but unfussy.
Chicatanyage said…
I agree it's gorgeous although I would be challenged to walk in the high heels.
Susan Tiner said…
I love the lines of the coat.
laurieann said…
Wow! I love this look. Quality pieces in their own right, well put together but nothing screams "look at me." This to me is the epitome of timeless, age appropriate style.
Duchesse said…
Deja Pseu: I am carrying this image in my head when shopping or just looking.

Chica: Me too...so, leopard flats!

materfamilias: And another curly girl like us ;)

Susan: I'd love to know who made that. Maybe Stella Mac?

laurieann: My sentiments exactly. I would love to see the rest of her wardrobe.
Tiffany said…
Oh yes, when I saw this shot at the Sart I immediately copied it to my lookbook file. It just nails it, whatever 'it' is!
Rubiatonta said…
All of the above, please. (With slightly lower heels, lest I go a*se over teakettle.)

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