Choosing a new scarf for fall

Scarves, possums, scarves! Scarves are calling me like sirens on the rocks.

Maybe I don't need any new clothes for fall, because a scarf changes up everything. But if I'm choosing only one, let me have a beauty.


In this shape, I liked:

1. Top left, YSL Leopard-Knit Scarf, cashmere and wool, 71 x 14", $495
from Neiman Marcus.

2. Middl
e, Brown Rainforest Birds silk scarf, £185 from Liberty.

3. Bottom, Black and Gold Lace Scarf, black cashmere with black and gold lace detail, Ahilya, £560 from
Liberty. Yes, you could start a wardrobe for the price, but it is magical.

Loving a loop

DKNY's Luxe Knit Infinity Scarf is an
endless loop of wool/cashmere, for $75 from Saks Fifth Avenue (international shipping). Also available in black, camel and green. Genius travel piece to change up your neutrals.

Les Clefs, Hermes' impeccable design first issued in 1965, is now offered in cashmere and silk, $560. The blue and gold, or the ivory and gold? I am in love, mesdames, but with which one?

mo Scarpette Ballet silk, $295 from Neiman Marcus: Italian, chic, confident and modern, $295.


A Graduated Pais
ley Shawl in grey and beige, $105 from the Art Institute of Chicago is a whisper of elegance over a simple sweater and slacks.

Jurgen Lehl is a German master weaver and designer living in Japan. His pieces, silk or silk-wool blend, are heirloom quality; order from his online shop. Shown, silk shawl with crinkled surface, Y29,000 (about $312 US dollars).

Vintage beauties

Online vintage stores
are a marvelous source for scarves, and the vendors are quite accurate about condition, unlike some on eBay. I find it's still worth the time to make a phone call to ask about condition if it is only listed as "good"or "very good".

Also, the sites are not always up to date, and new offerings may be available.
Vintage 1970s silk Leonard of Paris square, with pink hand-rolled edge, from Shrimpton Couture, would tart up a jacket or caress an LBD, $170.

Hermes' Astres et Soleils is a plissé,
in excellent condition, for $395 from Luxury Scarves, whom I believe Deja Pseu knows well.
Its glowing orange colourway is glorious. Plissés are so easy to wear; the small photo shows the scarf in its pleated posture. (Hermes will re-pleat if you ever need it done.)

Left, YSL 18" x 66" rectangle in arresting colours, from DRESS, in "unworn condition", $95.

Somebody might comment that she bagged a Chanel scarf for
$16 at Goodwill. Never happened to me. But I do have every single scarf I've bought or received for over 25 years, save a Ferre chiffon I drizzled with vinaigrette, and that oil does not come out.

I view them as money well spent.


Frugal Scholar said…
You're not talking about me, are you? Sadly, I have never found a really stupendous scarf at a thrift. Some women I've met have claimed Hermes finds--who knows?

I have found five Hermes ties, however. And two Versaces.

Your finds are gorgeous.
metscan said…
Thanks. I like mine big. I just had to buy a black silk rectangle scarf with floral applications by Armani. No idea where I´ll wear it yet-looks great. Then I have this soft Italian J. Sarti grey wool+ cashmere shawl I love. I can wrap myself in it indoors and out. With thicker coats I´ll use a normal size cashmere or fur scarf. I like the Hermes equestrian silk scarves, but somehow I don´t feel comfortable wearing one myself. Pashminas are nice too.
Deja Pseu said…
There you go, tempting me again!! Love that Jurgen Lehl piece, but am holding tight to my wallet until we get to Paris.

Yes, I highly recommend if you're looking for second hand Hermès pieces. They are very honest and thorough in their descriptions of the scarves and condition. No charge for shipping, which is prompt.
elke said…
The thrifted Chanel is mine; $1.99 at Value Village. It is damaged, though; one corner looks as though it was caught in a zipper and mangled, so I have to fold it into an oblong, which is fine. Lovely heavy silk crepe.
LPC said…
Ooh gosh. The rainforest birds scarf is just gorgeous.
dana said…
Art Effect in Chicago has some wool florals I'm dying over! Subscribe to their mailing list for 10% off.
Belle de Ville said…
Like you I have all my scarves, incuding the one that I wore to my first job interview after I finished college. I even have two of the scarves that you showed in your post, the Hermes keys and the Leonard.
I love rich jewel toned colored wool scarves for fall, like the rain forest bird by Liberty.
Years ago I used to order scarves from the Metropolitian Museum of Art catalog. Does anyone know if they still have wool scarves?
see you there! said…
The purple Loving a Loop scarf looks like the moebius scarf that has been making the rounds in knitting circles the last year or two. $75 isn't a bad price, lovely yarn is quite expensive even if you do make it yourself.

Mardel said…
Gorgeous scarves.

Oddly enough, the one scarf I no longer have, and I have every other scarf I have ever purchased or been given, is a Ferre chiffon. I still miss it terribly. Perhaps they are jinxed.
Mardel said…
Oh yes, in answer to Belle de Ville's question. I just received a Metropolitan Museum of Art catalog today and they do still have a few wool scarves and shawls.
s. said…
Stunning! Thanks for sharing.
Someone said…
No thrifted Chanels, no Hermès - but 2 Guccis at an estate sale, $1 apiece...
materfamilias said…
Oh my! That first Hermès scarf you've featured -- are you getting one? I love it, altho' I think I'd have to go for the blue-white combo. If you do get it, you have to show us -- please!
StyleSpy said…
I snagged a lovely vintage YSL small carré on ebay not long ago for about 25 bucks, but I've never seen any Hermes in the thrift store. Someday...

I'm feeling the need for long rectangular scarves this year. But that Ferragamo carré is a knockout.
Duchesse said…
Elke, Someone and StyleSpy: Thank you for sharing your scores. See, it CAN be done, and if it can be, Frugal will.

materfamilias: I have this design already in pink, and love it. Finding it hard to justify a duplicate.

metscan: Oooh, that Armani sounds sublime.

dana: What a tempting site, I see they carry Epice, one of my favourite brands. Thanks!

seeyou: Thought it was reasonable, given it's a high end brand. It's also the kind of piece even I could knit, but the drape of the yarn would be everything or I'd look like I was wearing a tea cosy.
Are you channeling Dame Edna Duchesse?

I love rectangle scarves or small squares, I haven't yet found a way to wear a large square that doesn't look dated or fussy on me.
Duchesse said…
Imogen, I do love Dame Edna, in a scarf or not!
Anonymous said…
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Duchesse said…
Ikatfabric: Thanks for the link, beautiful ikats! I have bookmarked it.
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