Bompard's Fall '09 cashmere confections

Opening a new Eric Bompard catalog (this one features jazz and blues singer Katie Melua as the "face") is sweet temptation for me, as we face a bitter Canadian winter. Even if I lived in the mild south, I would covet a cashmere voile stole for cool nights. Such stylish cashmere, in so many colours, available by mail.


Some of the new season's standouts, below. Prices given in euros, conversion tables here. Non-EU countries will save
the VAT. These pieces are pricey, but the garments give great value; my v-neck cardigans (shown above, €234) are going strong after well over a decade of wear. The lower-priced cashmere-silk blends are a good buy, and all sweaters are machine-washable.

Henley with jewel buttons, 100% cashmere, €264; at the top of my wish list.

An ultra-fine shirt, 100% cashmere, €215; ideal for those who need the lightest layer; in neutrals and delectable colours.

Fitted ballerina décolléte, 70% cashmere, 30% silk, in case you thought cashmere couldn't be sexy; €140.

Bompard pride themselves in innovative techniques; though you can find classic twinsets and cardigans, each year there are several standout evening pieces.

This year's lighthearted luxury is the s
parkly bolero, perhaps for New Years' Eve, in grey or black 70% cashmere, 30% silk, €220.

Cashmere for less cash

y Bompard's colour sense with a more modest price tag: multicoloured beret, €58.

ss gloves in vibrant purple punch up a gray day, also €58.

The double-layer scarf, €112, a generous 170cmx35cm swath of double-faced cashmere, is so warm that it turns a jacket into a coat.

This year, the scarf comes in six arresting colour combinations; shown, pepper brown/bright green. Find it under Accessories/Pure Cashmere scarves. (Don't wait for the spring sale, these sell out.)

Tips for ordering

See the pop-down menus for each item ("Select your size
") provide width and length measurements. A good way to choose is to measure your current sweaters, if possible approximating shape. You will have a slight bit of give, but I suggest ordering the larger size on the fitted styles if you are between two sizes.

You can also order a hard copy catalog via the site, which comes with a card of yarn samples. Those of you who observe holiday gift-giving may wish to leave a few strategic post-its in the catalog, or show it to a very lucky mother, sister or sweetheart.

I can't predict what will happen regarding customs fees; however, mine have arrived at my door (in Canada) in padded mail bags, which have incurred no additional taxes or duties. This is a difficult matter to pin down, I'm just reporting my experience. But really, I enjoy the products so much I would pay duty anyway.

For the moment, I will enjoy taking my collection of past decades out of their snap-boxes. Don't know that I need another piece, but this coral Fitted V-Neck (above) would be a vibrant pick up over a long, cold winter.


Deja Pseu said…
I'm definitely going to hit their store when we get to Paris. I know for sure I want another one of the lace scarves (we'll see what colors are available) and maybe this time I'll try a sweater or two. Love that sparkly bolero.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: Whee! On the Right Bank, Champs-Elysees store is largest; I like rue de Sevigne (Marais). On the Left, rue Vavin shop much more spacious than rue du Bac, where dressing rooms are miniscule.
metscan said…
Oh Duchesse, you find my weak point every time! Cashmere, I love the feel of it on my skin. I only have 2-3 sweaters at the moment. Just the other day I splurged ( yes ) on a simple cashmere dress with long sleeves, a bit of a tulip shape and a cardigan to go with it ( not as long as the dress ). Both have pockets and can be worn together or by their own. I think, that once you have worn cashmere, there is no going back to wool. Or does this age of ours make us super sensitive? I´d go for the ballerina knit you have in one of your pics. Thanks for sharing !
Deja Pseu said…
Duchesse - Thanks! We'll be staying in the Marais, so probably will check that store first.
Belle de Ville said…
Those two tone scarves are so chic.
Duchesse said…
metscan: Ohhh, a dress and sweater, a nest! You can sign up on the Bompard site for their sales and promotions. Yes it is hard to go back but I also like merino.

Belle: I took Le Duc's when he decided it was too heavy for him- orange and magenta- and always get compliments.
Fritinancy said…
I wear cashmere sweaters (and gloves and scarves) year round here in the chilly Bay Area. I'd be tempted into bankruptcy by Bompard if the current palette weren't so very wrong for me. (What happened to "autumn colors"? They're completely missing in action this year; it's all fuchsias and magentas and cornflower blues.) Instead, I'll content myself with revisiting the old cashmere sweaters in my closet.
materfamilias said…
Mmmmm, the colour of that top cardigan!
Duchesse said…
Fritinancy, There are autumn colours, perhaps not shown as much in my photos as I am a winter.

To can find the pieces in the colours your prefer:

Go on the site, to the menu "Tips">Choose by Colour and you will see there are choices in colours like New Camel, Oregano Green and Terracotta Red; other possibilities are Smoked Beige and Forest Green, and depending on your colouring, Bright Coral. (The colours sound prettier in French.)
Fritinancy said…
Thanks for the search tip, Duchesse. Alas, those autumn colors are available only in men's styles.
Frugal Scholar said…
Beautiful. Maybe I'll send my son on a quest while he's in France.
Lisa said…
Speaking of cashmere sweaters, on the advice of a friend a couple of years ago, I started washing mine by hand instead of sending them to the cleaners and they look beautiful.
Duchesse said…
Fritinancy: Mais non, ma chere! Womens' styles like the V-neck cardi and the crew are available in these colours (though not all styles in all colours). For example, v-neck cardi is in New Camel, Forest and Oregano, Smoked Beige; crew is in New Camel and Oregano.
Duchesse said…
Lisa: I wash mine in machine, on lingerie cycle, tepid water, in a mesh bag with Johnson's Baby Shampoo and more water in the machine than the load calls for- this works beautifully. Washing in water is far better for the fibre than drycleaning.

Frugal: They are in other cities in France- see web site.
WendyB said…
I like the "necklace" intarsia sweater!
Anjela's Day said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anjela's Day said…
My wish list in no particular order is: their kimono it! I also love the shirts and cardigans and they have so many plain simple classic looking items and I am not even half way through all their products.
I can see myself in a lot of their things- so beautiful and so unfussy.
Thanks so much for posting something right up my alley.
Duchesse said…

In general I go up a size but have a definite bust.

All garments on their web site have a "Find your size" feature (right under the price) which lists width and length. (In the hard copy catalog this is also listed by model, in the back.)

Measure your sweaters- then pick the one Bompard one that corresponds to the measurements.

The fit of anything described as "cintré" (fitted) is close to the body.

You can also call them or e-mail your questions.
Anonymous said…
I have lots of time this year to check out Bompard in Paris. I think I want a tank top that I can layer.

Pseu, don't wear boleros!
Deja Pseu said…
No worries, Karen! I know that isn't a style for me. ;-)
Imogen Lamport said…
So love cashmere - just discovered a small hole in the sleeve of my favourite cashmere jumper (that's sweater to you). I'm so sad! Hoping I can mend it.
sallymandy said…
These are such lovely choices. Thanks. It's been interesting to note, this year, that some catalogs are showing a lot more merino and less cashmere than last year.
Anonymous said…
I love my tank; can be layered over or under a shirt. I bought grey, a little uninspiring, but I will feel special every time I wear it with a little of my new French perfumes...

Pseu, didn't see a lace scarf! Did I miss that???? You may have to pick one up for me!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE the jeweled henly and the shirt!!!! I think Pseu may be shopping for me...I can't ge3t out of this tank, slept in it last night!!!!!
Duchesse said…
I don't want to to add to the tally of my friends' duty allowances for anything beyond say, a bottle of shampoo. With mail order, I still save VAT. Not a guarantee but Bompard items come to my home somehow without import duties... think it's because they use a padded mailer. Also easier to deal with returns/exchanges by mail.

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