Irresistible bargain: Nico necklace

Bernice's Cale ring is rarely off my finger these days. As I said to Anjela, I love its Victorian-punk sensibility. Selling on etsy as The Beside, Bernice stands out in a sea of earnest crafts.

The design, inspired by a vintage
Scottish brooch, twists the traditional. At $65, a gift with presence.

Once I discovered this Brooklyn-London Irish expat, I kept returning to stare at her evocative Nico necklace, offered in sterling, $180, or 18k gold plate, $85. I decided on the gold, maybe because it's winter.

I enjoy hunting interesting pieces like the Nico. I've ogled astonishing rare jewels, received antique treasures, bagged bargain plastic bracelets, but few items have enchanted me in the under $100 range. And here it is on etsy from The Beside.

(To find Bernice, go to etsy and search "thebeside".)


Anonymous said…
My Etsy search for "The Beside" and just "Beside" yielded no results. Could you link to her, please?
Duchesse said…
kmkat: either search "thebeside" or
Anonymous said…
Oh that ring is perfect!

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