Style at hand: new gloves

Jamming my hands into my coat pockets last evening, I thought, "I wish I'd bought some interesting gloves." Mine are safe black cashmere; time for a glove makeover.

Classic calf will do, but I'd prefer a dashing pair, like the
Acne Jeans purple knit and kid long Dallas Gloves, $95 from eLuxury.

Too heavy for your climate? Also at eLuxury, Carolina Amato peacock driving gloves, $149.

But I live in the second-coldest country in the world, so these papaya shearling gloves, on sale now for only $58 from J. Crew, would be a toasty treat.

I still need black, but they don't have to be dull. The leather collection privé gloves with zippers from yoox are $178 (size medium only) would sharpen the simplest jacket.

For casual wear, I'd be happy to wear these hand-knit Fair Isle gloves from Thistle & Broom, £30.


Susan B said…
Fabulous selections, Duchesse! I love the peacock pair, especially.
materfamilias said…
I have a terrible weakness for gloves -- right now I have five pairs of leather ones and I'm not going to start counting the knits. My favourites used to be a gorgeous red pair, lined with cashmere, but they got taken from a momentarily-unlocked car last year. Now I mostly wear a leopard leopard-print, wrist-length pair, but with my shorter-sleeved coats, I love my elbow-length black ones with the sexy long zippers.
And I'd definitely grab those sumptuously-coloured shearling ones you've found. Mmmmm.
Kelly said…
Love the peacock ones, they give one that jolt of color that often is needed!
I got to wear gloves when I was in San Francisco. Now that I am back in L.A. the only gloves I wear are when I wash dishes.;-)
You found some lovely examples that have me praying for rain.
Anonymous said…
I also love gloves, but the long ones, although very elegant, would be totally impractical for me whenever I need to know the time! I do wear long cashmere gloves, but they're more like long tubes which I can roll up at the wrist end to see my watch quickly.

English ladies have a habit of wearing brightly coloured leather gloves but I can't get on with them. They seem to look like rubber washing-up gloves when I try them on. So I stick to black, brown and my favourites, tan pin pricked leather.

Gloves, like hats, can become quite a habit I've found.
WendyB said…
Those zipper gloves are chic!
CompassRose said…
You are in Toronto, I think? Duchesse, get thee to Winners! I don't always have the best of luck at Winners, but I was admiring this very day a pair of mustard-coloured suede and wool-knit gloves very like your first pair, for $40. They also have a selection of long and even elbow-length Italian leather gloves (including a violet pair with a buckle that I was mad in love with) all for varying prices under a hundred dollars.

Gloves are, as you say, a necessity in this nasty climate, but no need to wear a pair that will have you crying for a week if you drop one half under your car and don't notice (as I manage to do at least once a season...)
Duchesse said…
CompassRose: Winners! Rarely find anything of quality there, but last summer they had racks of high end sunglasses for $60-$80. I buy exercise clothes there, just keep going till I find something I can wear. I'll check out the gloves,thanks- they sound terrific!

materfamilias: I've seen some beautiful glove patterns; begger's gloves in cashmere, mmmm.

Greying Pixie: Resale store soften have a trove of good gloves, people who don't wear them get rid of them.
Anonymous said…
I love gloves! I just wish I had more opportunity to wear them here. My favorites were purchased at the Coach outlet at Mammoth Mountain, CA last season. They are the butteriest orange leather, lined with tan cashemere knit, embellished with beautiful brass horse bits on each wrist. They were only $25 and will last a very long time. AND they will match my favorite Hermes scarf!
Anonymous said…
Duchesse, you mention 'anything of quality' and that prompts me to say that gloves, like shoes, bags, hair cut, etc. do need to be of the best quality. My husband has another way of saying it - look after the extremeties and no one will notice what is going on in the middle!

I once tried a pair of gloves from the Lands End mail order - they were so badly cut, they made my hands look like a bunch of bananas!

Deja Pseu - I can't find a way of posting on your site, but just want to tell you that I'm now tying my Hermes's as per your last suggestion, twice around the neck, and really love it, as does my daughter. Such a simple tie, why hadn't I thought of it before?

Leather gloves plus an Hermes scarf? It goes without saying!
Duchesse said…
GP: Like your husband's approach!
I couldn't post on Pseu's blog for awhile either but she has recently changed her formatting (back to the original) and I can again- so hope it's available to you, too.

karen: I would love these, lucky you!

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