Cocktail rings for parties (and one pair of earrings)

Holiday cocktail party coming up or just feeling jingle-blingy? Nordstrom has some stunning cocktail rings and spectacular prices:

1. Mars+Valentine glass rose ring, was $395, now $196.60.
Bold Vintage glass with rose intaglio, set in silver with pearl accents on each prong. A nostalgic treasure that brings out my Inner Amelie.

2. A
lexis Bittar medium rose quartz baguette ring, was $215, now $106. Reverse-cut quartz set on lucite band. See the site for a close-up of this, a feminine yet sophisticated piece.

3. KJL black stone ring, was $100, now a mere
$39.90! Adjustable 22k plated band set with Swarovski crystals. Tailored, bold, '60s-era slink.

Not a ring person? One pair of standout earrings then, just for you:

Nancy Cohe
n Linear Double Oval Rose Quartz Earrings, were $280, now $139. Post backs, 1 1/2" drop. Quartz, 14k and 24k vermeil. The scale would make these lovely on most anyone.


Anonymous said…
I love Mars and Valentine, but one time I tried on one of their big rings at Nordies and the stone just fell right out then and there! The saleslady was shocked. I figured the quality wasn't good and of course I didn't buy!
I LOVE cocktail rings but I never feel like they look good on me. I feel like my hands look like kids hands when I put on the big beautiful rings.
Duchesse said…
Karen: Even if it's less than $200 it still shouldn't fall apart!
Anonymous said…
La Belette - even more reason to wear one I would say! Think of Edith Sitwell, who wore monsterous rings with confidence and charisma. I've always thought one huge attention-grabbing ring is worth more than a whole collection of smaller daintier jewellery. But like a definite haircut, it takes a bit of confidence. Once you've crossed the divide though, it's very difficult to go back.

And unlike earrings or necklaces you don't have to worry too much about the shape of your face, neck, hair style, etc. A cocktail ring is a big ring and demands space but little else. Therefore it's a quick way of dressing up an outfit without the fussiness and time consuming aspect of nail polish, etc.

Like Coco Chanel said of scent, I feel undressed without a cocktail ring no matter what time of day. I even keep a spare large amber ring in my handbag at all times, for those occasions when I might need to resort to on mornings when I rush out without one.
Duchesse said…
GP: Girl, you love your cocktail rings! And another reason to wear them: I figure a cocktail is not far.
Greying pixie: Okay, you make a compelling argument and thanks to you I am going to try one. I am a little scared in the wearing a big hat way. I'll let you know how it goes. I only wish I could shop with you or Duchesse to help me with my first ring purchase. Thanks so much for the encouragement.
Anonymous said…
Check out the costume rings at Tracy I love her stuff. I have the Pagoda ring and it is wearing really well. I use it tons. My mother always told me to wear rings while my hands were still decent...I guess she's right.
Duchesse said…
Karen: Mom and her friends wore cocktail rings (and enjoyed cocktails) well into their 90s. As long as you can get a ring over the knuckle, wear it!

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