New fabric for winter ease

Uniqlo, the hip Japanese retailer, is introducing its HeatTech range world-wide this winter. The fabric would allow you to dress lightly yet still be warm, lower your thermostat or just be unusually snuggly without bulk.

Uniqlo says, "Our HeatTech innerwear is woven out of a specially designed hollow fibre thread that captures little pillows of toasty warm air, insulating your body in the same way a heavier wool would and creating a secret weapon against the winter chill. Launched in 2006, HeatTech has already become a winter wardrobe essential in Japan, with 20 million units sold last year alone.

Sheer yet snug and providing added winter warmth when layered comfortably underneath a shirt and sweater or cardigan, the uniquely developed HeatTech fabric includes a rayon mix that actually absorbs the moisture generated by the body and converts it into heat. Milk protein, containing natural amino acids, has been mixed with the fibres to ensure the fabric is smooth and soft to the touch; making it not only a heat retaining item, but also the perfect layering garment.

There's no Uniqlo where I live, but I figure the innovation will eventually be sold online. The London (311 Oxford St.) and NYC flagship stores are giving away HeatTech items on Nov. 20 as part of the HeatTech launch.


Susan B said…
Hmm, I find that in cold winter climes, people tend to overheat their interiors to the point that I end up peeling down to my lightest layer. Bet they'd be great for skiwear, though!
I know it sounds strange to you, Duchesse. But, I miss wearing my silk long underwear. I want it to get cold.

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