Paris: Unbelievable but true bag story

I went to Paris thinking I'd buy one really good bag. I had been introduced to Mamet bags here, and researched several boutiques that carried the brand in Paris. Each is beautifully handmade from a single piece of leather, and has a quiet unlogoed luxury.

One on rue du Bac, stocked the mother lode, and I entered thinking my only difficulty would be choice. But I got sticker shock- over $1,000 for the models I liked best.
Dispirited, I left the store to think, wondering why in the world I "needed" another bag, let alone a costly one.

Alone in
the apartment, I entered "Mamet" into the eBay search engine on a lark, and there was, to my surprise, one of the models I liked, the Madras (shown here in brown piped in black. The bag listed was the reverse) for about $120 on Buy It Now. In new condition (carried twice) and (cue Twilight Zone music) the vendor was in central Paris.

I hit that that BIN button like a seagull hits a hamburger, and thanks to Le Duc (French is his first language), arranged pick up. Took a short metro ride the next day and voila!

Lucky or what?


Susan B said…
Hooray for ebay! That's a great bag, BTW. I've never heard of that brand.
Anonymous said…
Sometimes predestination is the only explanation! Well done, and I wish you and your bag a long and happy relationship.
materfamilias said…
That bag is simply elegant -- and elegantly simple. What a score!
WendyB said…
What luck! Congrats on your new baby
LOL @ "I hit that that BIN button like a seagull hits a hamburger."
Congrats on the fabulous bag at a fantastic price.
Anonymous said…
Now that is a great story to tell whenever someone asks you where you got your bag! Serendipity in Paris.

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