For Anjela, best window in Paris

Easily the most orginal window I saw in Paris was this installation at Moschino. (To see larger view, click on photo or visit the article in the International Herald Tribune.)

The bird atelier, top floor, has dozens of tiny birds working at old-fashioned sewing machines, under the eye of a maestro who conducts their machine-orchestra. (The maestro is the slightly elevated figure at the right of the birds.)

Filaments lead to their chef d'oeuvre, the rakish military-influenced coat at right.
Under them, their dormitory: tiny cots on the second and third floors, a canteen (set with birdie meals) on the first, and jaunty red trucks in two bays on the ground floor.

This graceful, whimsical and perfectly-executed fantasy elevated my opinion of Moschino; I was simultaneously charmed, tempted and awed.


materfamilias said…
Astonishing! And yet another validation of my claim that one could enjoy a visit to Paris concentrated ONly on looking at the windows.
Anjela's Day said…
Thank you!! How inspires me- it delights me- I feel as if I have entered a grand cathedral or a library or the midday coming upon a grand orchestra tuning their instruments- Or finding a Tic-Tac in my pocket when I am starving- Oh I realize how much I miss culture and beauty and all the smells and tastes and fabrics and and and and ......So many thanks. My mind is already cutting and carving into a new, albeit stolen ideas window.....xx
Why have stores outside of NY and other glam metropolises given up on gorgeous windows? It is such a loss.

Anyways, glad to see you home safe and sound. And, I look forward to more of your Paris trip reports.
Anjela's Day said…
if I may comment LBR- so true what you wrote... in my neck of the woods- the windows are awful, terrible and the ones that are clean and make changes are so boring. I am not being unkind but I am always amazed when people stop by and ask "Have you taken a picture of your window" One person suggested I make a coffee table book. Honestly I am so flattered when people say that but it only stands out because of the general lack of creativity all around me- I think a lot of the stores have corporate visual merchandisers and are all the same- and then the private stores seem to have a certain ennui- and a depression about them. I would love to see most places clean their wondows- begin with soap and water as a base and then add something, anything. I think the magic in stores (for me anyway) are the storyboards... the little wild imaginings and mine is a very small New England store--which, without the window and special touches can look frumpy and drab.. but we try to make it an inspiration once one steps across the theshold.
Sorry duchesse for commenting on a comment but why indeed do people not bother making their windows be their calling card.....
Duchesse said…
anjela: Not at all, it is a delight to see a dialog emerge and I thank YOU! If you're willing to post your windows, ever, just send me the photo and I'll put it on here.

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