Fragrance: "Guerlain Classic Elegance" Draw with Gwen of perfumeniche

We've just passed the red-heart riot of Valentine's Day and my favourite, made-up occasion, Galentine's Day. In Canada, some provinces have initiated Family Day as a statutory holiday on February 21st, and though I like family life, that day offers pallid opportunities for indulgent goodies. 

Holiday or not, here it's slush and snow— don't we need a little lift? Or a big one? Today, Gwen, the Goddess of and I put the "U" in February: we appreciate you, and want to give away some fragrances just for fun. Since this is Gwen's corner of the scented world, there are three prizes!

First prize: 

A "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack" of four 1ml decants of the house's most-iconic fragrances, to tuck in your desk, bag, or makeup kit. (Shown below, the full-size bottles.)

Clockwise from top left: Jicky, Mistouko, Shalimar, L'Heure Bleue

First prize also includes two Guerlain atomizers and a tiny funnel to decant your own favourites:

Second and Third prizes: 

The "Guerlain Classic Elegance Pack"— because this is how Gwen rolls!

The four eau de parfum decants were chosen by Gwen for their opulence, quality and womanly presence. These creations are not minimalist—the EDP strength means a full-cast performance—but they need not overpower; just a single spritz sends you to perfume paradise.

1. Jicky: Part of Guerlain's Patrimoine Collection, Jicky wears its legendary status audaciously. An Oriental Fougère, it presents warm spices lit by a heart of lemon and lavender. Elena Vosnaki, writer of the excellent blog "Perfume Shrine" calls it "a monument, a beacon of taste in a tasteless world."

2. Mitsuko: After the chime of its top notes (bergamot, lemon, mandarine, neroli), Mitsuko's heart of golden peach and jasmine delivers its beguiling calling card. The original formulation had a dark drydown of powerful oakmoss, now banned; the notes these days drift out via mossy aroma-materials. It was a favourite of Jean Harlow and Ingrid Bergman, and is Guerlain's top seller in Japan.

3. Shalimar: Rich, smooth, sensual: one of the very greatest Orientals. I've always found its profusion of notes (bergamot, orris, jasmine, rose, vanilla) only hints at the symphonic full effect; the citrus opening segues to a floral heart. Sweetly smoky, resinous, unctuous, long-wearing; it may be indelible in your memory already. 

4. L'Heure Bleue: As Gwen says, "plush, lush, warm and powdery", this is the tribute to twilight in Paris, an inviting hour full of promise, the hour that tucks you into a charming corner table for a rendezvous. Described as an "amber floral", it is at once ethereal and striking. This scent is the lifelong signature of a lovely Parisienne friend, who has seen trends come and go and knows that L'Heure Bleue and a fine cashmere scarf will take her anywhere. Gwen's review is here.

How to enter:

1. Send an email to with the header "Guerlain Draw" by 12 midnight EST, February 19, 2022.

2. In the body of the e-mail, answer the skill-testing question, "What year was L'Heure Bleue created?"

3. Sign the email with your given name, e.g., Emilie, or username., e.g., "gingercat". Duchesse will announce winners using that name.

Qualifying entries will be selected by one draw per prize. Winners will be announced in the Passage post on February 22, 2022. Winners may then contact Gwen with a postal address.



Laurie said…
Thanks for the chance!
Laura J said…
Well! This is fun!
Perfumeniche is so much fun..have enjoyed ordering and trying out their decants…am boring though and Voyage is still my everyday go to scent!
Duchesse said…
Laurie: You're welcome and good luck. (Just want to be sure everyone knows entries go to gwenATperfumnicheDOTcom.

Laura J: perfumeniche is my #1 guilty pleasure these days!
Jane said…
Well, this is timely. I was just trying to eke out the last drop of Ambre Russe, the last decant from my fall Perfumeniche order. There is a Psychedelique decant left. Turns out I'm not the psychedelic type.
Jean Shaw said…
Not the fragrances for me--I am appallingly picky on this front--but an excellent reminder to go check the Perfumeniche site!
Ms. Liz said…
Well thanks so much for the chance to have some fun with fragrance! I had been checking out Perfumeniche just the other day. I will definitely enter your draw with Gwen from Perfumniche.
s. said…
Such fun and a very generous offer. Yay!
Duchesse said…
Jane: This is the beauty of perfumeniche: we can experiment! Psychedelique works for me but definitely an evening choice.

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