Pearls: Last call for a chic bargain!

A short post as June reaches its solstice splendour, and because I've set up the Passage for readers who use Bloglovin:
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Pearl Paradise offer 20-25% off on white South Seas, and 10% off any pearls, till the end of the month. I have no affiliation with them or any other vendor; I'm posting only for the love of pearls!

Whether it's an opera-length triple strand like Mrs. Prada's or a pair of glowy South Sea dangles like Ms. Mirren's, pearls add character to any wardrobe.

I love how Prada's pearls leaven the strict high collar and v-neck.

 Helen Mirren in woman-sized pearls that show off her strong features.

Fancy an ultra-long rope? Alas, it sold out on this sale, but hmm, perhaps if you asked nicely? (The model is Advanced Style's Ari Seth Cohen's grandmother.)

If it's time to upgrade or take your first pearlescent plunge, Pearl Paradise's free shipping and return (if you live in the US) sweeten the deal, and their full return policy ensures you'll have ample time to make a smart decision.


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