A Valentine from fripe fabrique

My favourite tiny boutique, an enchanting blend of vintage and indie Montreal design, fripe fabrique, has the best Valentine's window:

"The one true language of the world is a kiss."

Flanking the sentiment, mannequins pose in hint-of-spring sweaters, topped by fuchsia lips:

Inside, there is much to tempt the Valentine, such as sweetly sexy lingerie in lover's red:

A vintage moto to fit either a smaller man or a woman:

An ever-changing bin of scarves, from crisp foulards to Florida travel souvenirs—your choice for $12:

Mexican-influenced pressed-tin earrings, $15:

I wish I could bring you in appreciate the refinement of a fur capelet, which transforms the simplest sweater or top into a statement of personal style. My photo doesn't do justice to the lining, a plush bronze velvet. (Price, $195.) 

Montréal designers are masterful users of recycled-fur pieces that keep us warm through polar winter and chilly spring. This piece is on sale, a tender ruff of white-chocolate with caramel contrast. (Sale price about $68.)

For spring, a tailored navy and ecru vintage bag with a handsome, heavy clasp; price, $30:

fripe fabrique also offer DIY sewing workshops; the line of retro gleaming Singers awaits those interested in repairing garments or designing the perfect skirt:

ff's lovely owner Michelle says it's her vision to not just sell clothes, but to create a community of DIY, the city's best new designers, and clients. I can't resist dropping by every few weeks to hear her plans for collaborations and new projects.

Longing for a closer look? Come to Montréal, or check out ff's Etsy shop when it's back in swing after a brief break.


Montreal is moving up quickly on my list of desired destinations... sigh...
Susan B said…
Oh, those old Singers warm my heart. Best machines ever.
LauraH said…
That row of Singer machines makes such a strong visual impression, all curves and gleam. Must make a point of coming by on my trip this spring.
materfamilias said…
Oh, what a resource! You know I'm coming for a visit once I'm retired, don't you? Will you take me 'round to Fripe Fabrique?
LPC said…
The essence of fripperies, in a lovely way.
I'd want to linger inside that shop and find a treasure. Love the idea of a fur collar too!
Jill Ann said…
Nothing like a good old Singer. I learned to sew from my Granny, on her used pedal-operated sewing machine she bought in 1915 to sew baby clothes for my uncle. Then on my 15th birthday, instead of the usual $5 in a birthday card, Granny bought me a new Singer sewing machine (this was 1972).

Flash forward some 35 years..my daughter had a school project which required making a quilt (yeah, it was geometry class too. Go figure). My Singer wasn't working properly & we were on a deadline, so I went out & bought a new Singer. It was, to put it not so delicately, crap. Mostly plastic parts. We did finish the quilt, but afterward I returned the machine because it was really poorly constructed. Took my old machine to a repair place and had it refurbished. Good old sturdy, metal-not-plastic, machine is going strong!
PS I also still have the 1900s machine, which still works!
I have one of those old pedal machines. It works, or worked - alas one of its parts seems to be missing, and I'm not sure the Singer shops still carry them. So for the moment it is an attractive plant stand, with lovely drawers for sewing notions.

materfamilias, it is in Petite-Italie, close by. Very cute place. But there are others I like on rue Villeray, a few blocks north of the Market.

Don't visit right now though, as it is horribly cold. Not even walking to the Market today...

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