November: Coated in colour

At the market, in rich late afternoon light, I saw that women were applying colour in their outerwear, as if to postpone the wave of winter black. The same palette I admired in pots of mums showed up in coats; les Montréalaises style their outerwear superbly. Why not, in a city where winter will last five months?

The shiny finish on her fuchsia jacket popped that pink:

Another pink coat; and notice her glasses frames!

I loved her combination of an oatmeal coat, deep burgundy scarf and mauve hat:

Pumpkin jacket, taupe scarf and wristwarmers, a cream hat: so pretty!

Black and grey, yes, but not so basic when showing up as a "fur"! Accessorized with an Aran-knit beanie and big café au lait scarf:

But there is also charm in coordination; she matched her periwinkle topper to her socks. A colour I would not think to wear in November—and how appealing! 

Returning home, I opened my closet to a sea of dark and now wish I had a coloured winter coat, a lemon drop for the soul.

Trying to avoid wool, though, as the odd moth is still in attendance.


Rita said…

I bought a bright yellow purse a few months ago, thinking I would only carry it during summer and EARLY fall. Now, however I love carrying it during these dark days, I'll probably continue to carry it all winter!
LauraH said…
I love the idea of a rich purple colour for winter but not wool, too heavy. Down is so light and so warm, I'm a convert. In fact, didn't you post on a brightly coloured down jacket some time ago?...maybe I'm mistaken.
LauraH said…
Oh, I should have added that I'm also a convert to rich, bright colours in scarves, mitts, gloves. Right now I'm wearing fingerless cashmere 'warmers' from Brora - pumpkin orange, spring green and turquoise - such a lift to the spirits to look down at these colours on my hands and just the right amount of warm for these changeable days.
Susan B said…
I think if I lived in a climate that required constant coat wearing, I'd definitely invest in a good dark neutral, but have a second option with lots of color just to fight the winter blahs. Love how your neighbors combine their colors!
Beth said…
Me too. I just gave away my bright blue coat to a friend, and my red faux leather jacket doesn't cut it in the coldest months, so it's accessorize, accessorize for me. Didn't you buy one of those lightweight down jackets last year, in orange or coral, or was that just a photo example you posted? Ah, I see LauraH asked the same thing!
Susan said…
I'm just a little envious that you already have cold weather. Our high will be 71 today---at least with rain

My coats are all black or gray. No need for really warm coats here. Warm dressy coats aren't even sold in Texas.

The colors in your photos are delightful! Good luck with the moths. I am ever vigilant as I know you are.
materfamilias said…
Just replaced my old pea-jacket with a new one, and went for classic navy, but have been so tempted to add another in turquoise to my wardrobe. For now, I'll make do with scarves for the colour lift, but when the turquoise next goes on sale, resistance will be futile! Fun to travel Montreal with you, comme d'hab!
LPC said…
I love your photos. I have a newish pale blue peacoat - couldn't resist the pastel coat trend:).
Jean S said…
I can't tell you how weary I am of black black black black gray black (the Portland Winter Palette). Enough! Rise up--wear color!
My winter coats are black although I did buy a bright yellow puffy walking jacket last year which does lift the spirits quite high in a rainy wet day.
I think colour does elevate the mood in winter.
You just might want to cruise the shops and see what you might be tempted by...
Mary said…
I like having a black coat. It provides me with endless opportunities to accessorize with beautiful, colorful scarves, hats and/or gloves.
Duchesse said…
Rita: Oh that sounds perfect! If it is heavy enough weight should do fine in winter.

LauraH and Beth: Yes, but that is a •very• lightweight spring jacket, can even be worn indoors. In winter, it could be a layer under a wool coat but is too thin to wear on its own.

une femme: Thanks, I think they are fabulous women!

Susan: My TX family wear the occasional coat-khaki, palest green and one has a Prince of Wales I deeply admire. Still killing the occasional moth so the SOBs are still in the apt. but I will prevail.

materfamilias: I love navy for pea coats, and really have no space for extras. If you do, turquoise is such a beautiful hue.

LPC: I remember photo of you in London in that coat- gorgeous colour!

Jean S: Same here, at least by Jan-Feb! Women do wear colourful scarves but there is plenty of all black.

hostess: I am not a frequent shopper but passed up a terrific one last winter in post-Christmas sales!

Mary: I like mine too but by February could just about bin it.

Beth: See my comment to LauraH; it is inadequate for cold weather, more like wearing a midweight sweater. But beautiful colour and perfect for spring.

Most of us wear black or other deep shades, even at the market. Today: a black (heavy) velvet jacket and a red woollen scarf, and of course a béret.

No, except for our last horrific winter, our winters no longer last five months. I don't understand the desire to overstate things and make them even worse than they are; not speaking of Duchesse - not usually her schtick - but in general. The weather is still quite decent, in November.

All black is tedious, but I hate pastels.
Duchesse said…
Last weekend, in the mountains, there was snow and we needed our winter gear. There are ups and downs, but if it feels like winter... I enjoy the season and have no complaint.
I'm still looking for a winter coat, not in black, but in a deep rich tone. Ce n'est pas évident. Goofing off a bit from a job to look at some "happy" videos from different places.
Eleanorjane said…
Nice pics - you do make we want to come and visit your market. It looks like fun!

I'm a bit one for wearing colour when others are wearing black (i.e. winter coats and LBDs). My winter coat for the past few years has been a deep fuschia colour and I get lots of complements on it. My Autumn coat/cloak is chocolate brown. I did have a black and white dogtooth check coat too, but it was cheap and it pilled too much.
Wendelah said…
Still behind... I live in a climate that doesn't have winter weather but I still crave color, maybe because the days are getting shorter. I've haven't replaced my wool coat since, oh, 1995. It still fits, it only gets worn at most a week or so a year. I can't justify it. But if I did need a winter coat (and had unlimited funds), I'd buy this one by Marina Rinaldi.
Duchesse said…
Wendelah: IMO MaxMara/Rinaldi consistently carry marvelous coats; I have owned several. Definitely worth it.

The problem with them is that they are made for winter, but not northeastern US/Canadian ones, which are more severe. The manager told me MM had to put an extra lining in its coats for the Cdn market, and even then it was warm but not Everest-warm, which you need sometimes here, if you are staying outside.

I would love the coat you picked, and you prove another point: dye quality which produces more subtle and nuanced colour is the overlooked advantage of a higher price point.

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