Bracelets: Is dash worth the cash?

(This post was accidentally published in progress, and what I have to say is so earth-shattering that I'm reposting the complete version.)

Having a moment: the 5-pointed star motif, and if you avoid pattern, you can wear it as jewelry.

Givenchy silver-tone "Stars" leather bracelet, £320 at Liberty. Now, would you buy? Oh, be quiet, Christine! Yes, it is chic, but it's a very pricey bauble. While I don't think stars will date (they're billions of years old already), those are 'silver tone', in other words, good old pot metal, on a nice leather band, for (converted to $US) about $520, plus tax and for many buyers, shipping. 

Is it good value? No, but there is the frisson of wearing the latest killer accessory. If I were in the right mood, with an enabling supportive girlfriend in tow, after lunch with the glass of wine I never have at lunch, I might spring for it, and then, being me, regret the impulse.

Why? Because there will be an H&M version on the rack by Christmas, but even more because I could have bought square studs on soft camel for $46 from dasanda and have my rocker chick sated for less than the tax on the Givenchy.

If I had to have those stars, I could get this custom-made in my choice of colour and the perfect size from London-based EFXCustomwear, for about $60; it's also available as single, narrower band:

Or for about half the price I could leather-wrap my wrist in six Tahitian pearls ($313 from PerlaMundi): 

If tempted to open my wallet wide, it would be to rock this Henri Bendel sterling silver and snakeskin piece from Beladora; price, $495, and of far higher quality than the 'silver tone' studs.

I reflexively steer clear of new designer jewelry sold in retail shops, much as I'd admire that Givenchy piece on someone. 

And who designs Givenchy jewelry these days? Not jeweler James Taffin de Givenchy, the designer's nephew, who scuffled with NYC police in a traffic incident last week, resulting in charges.  Let's confine our bad girl behaviour to a little wrist candy, so we don't have to spend our savings on making bail!



Dr. V.O. said…
I would totally wear this - right above my watch, keeping the rest of the outfit very plain. I love this kind of plain but timeless accessory. I think it would also convey military authority, which is useful when dealing with armies of students.
Lulu said…
Alternatively, you could wear a t-shirt emblazoned with the words "I think I'm a bad-ass."
materfamilias said…
Earth-shattering indeed and well worth posting ;-)
Completely agree with you on the dash/cash ratios, and I love that camel piece for impact.
Anonymous said…
What a great post!
I often see those great "designer" trend things and often have a few moments of "maybe I should just do it...." but when I (thankfully) crash back to reality I can never really understand the price. As you say, pot metal, who's designing it anyway etc etc and I think the camel piece/custom blue piece is every bit as wonderful! Maybe it isn't so much would I dare wear it, but would i dare buy it?
Cathy Wong
frugalscholar said…
You have an eye for beauty and value. Thanks as always.
LauraH said…
I have no rocker chick vibe going on but love star motifs. That blue leather version is quite tempting. Occasionally I run across clothing or accessories that use galactic images but never anything really wearable - now that would be fun to find.

As usual you've added a good dash of education and product awareness to the fun...thanks.

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