Traveling with jewelry: Stylish, sturdy Sobral

If you don't already know the Brazilian costume jewelry designer Jackie Sobral, you're in for a carnival-sized treat, and just in time for summer holidays.

Sobral is the ideal carefree travel jewelry: lightweight, colourful, reasonably-priced resin pieces. My bangle (at left) is seven years old and looks great despite being thwacked hard on several continents—no chips or cracks.

It's not just for the road; Sobral perks up a basic jacket or polishes jeans for the bistro. 

The Sobral signature is the vivid swirl of colour, but it's also made in neutrals, and there's a range of scale, from small earrings to huge cuffs.  

In the early the '70s, Carlos Alberto Sobral and his then-wife Rita de Cássia sold their designs at Brazilian markets and fairs. Over the following decades, Sobral expanded the line but kept the Carioca vibe. He's collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld, and Sobral pieces are carried in several museum stores. Boutiques in Paris and NYC have opened in the past few years, but the brand is still unusual enough to not be ubiquitous.

The first five pieces shown are from Sobral's USA e-store; the last is from eBay seller squeaky1103 (The Funky Accessories Store, also online as Jackie Brazil World); great prices and sales! Though new collections are released often, an older Sobral looks very much like the current season's.

Metallique large silver bangle: clear and silver resin; $90:

Kandinsky collection dome ring; $55:

Inspiracao necklace of black resin "stones" with a single clear and gold accent bead, $175:

Plutao earrings; $48:

Retroz "carré" ring, $48:
Licorice "allsorts" bangle (from eBay seller squeaky1103); $36:

A Sobral piece also makes a great "conscious chic" gift; according to the company's website, its sustainable manufacturing practices and responsible employment policies and programs will reassure recipients of a Sobral piece that resources are not being heedlessly depleted for the sake of a bauble.

Bring on the caipirinhas!



Susan said…
These are fun pieces of jewelry! Thank you for sharing them. I especially like the mostly black ring.
LauraH said…
Coincidence! I discovered Sobral online a few months ago, love the colours and the fun feeling. So perfect for summer. Apparently there is a place in the Distillery District that carries it so I'll be making a trip down there soon. It's good to hear confirmation of the high quality from someone who actually owns a piece. Thanks.
une femme said…
What fun pieces! Bangles are often too large for my hands/wrists, but I'll have to check out the rings....
Ooh la la!
I love the metallic bangle!
I think I have seen those multicoloured bangles here in town at the antique and collectible especially for summer.
I like those bangles but often they hurt my wrist - the large one at the top definitely would, but I'd try on the smaller multicoloured one - they are very pretty with summer clothes.

Great for our World Cup viewing!
Madame Là-bas said…
These pieces are so much fun! Once I finish editing my wardrobe, I shall do look at accessories to decide what to purchase. I like the colourful bangle.
Duchesse said…
All: If you click on the links you will see many other bracelet styles than bangles.
Dr. V. O. said…
These are fantastic, thanks so much for the introduction! Nothing amps up a minimalist outfit more than a chunky statement bracelet (a good alternative when a statement necklace seems too precious or predictable). Super fresh colors for summer -- and getting in a World Cup mood! ;)
Sandra Sallin said…
Oh, I thought I was the only one who knew about this jewelry. Discovered it at a museum and have loved them since. I just recently discovered I could buy them on the web. Great stuff.
Duchesse said…
Dr. V.O.: There are less-chunky pieces by Sobral but they definitely do not do delicate.

Sandra: My blog exists to share resources so "I am the only one who knows" is kind of an anti-goal around here. Happy you found it, now let's Sobral all summer!
Beth said…
Fun! I like the clear one best. Resin doesn't always work for me; I don't like how it makes me sweaty. My favorite here is the black "stone" necklace.

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