Pearls: Beyond classics for June's birthstone

The notion that pearls are boring, a charge leveled by my stylish friend Christine, has led me to dress the Passage's windows with some unusual and beautiful pearls for June, the gem's birthstone month.

The romantic antique

Antique Victorian natural pearl and conch pearl pin from Beladora; price, $4,650.
I can hear her snort, "Well of course you can find interesting pearls for that much!" But I've seen that price for just one conch pearl the size of the center pearl. Add the exquisite natural pearls and you have an heirloom, a museum-quality piece (which is an in-joke between us).

The standout single

A little easier on the budget, a single pearl piece lets you splurge on quality.  

Pristine simplicity: a single Tahitian pearl floats on the end of a 14k wire cuff bracelet. By Mizuki; price, $770.

A deep blue 8.9mm Tahitian pearl ring set on a 14k yellow band, $342 from Kojima Company:

The stunner strand

Pearls are not all round whites! I doubt my forthright friend was thinking of eleven strands of Japanese keshis with a diamond-sprinkled clasp. (From Kojima Company; price, $2,300):

Or luminous, dramatic 15mm coins that would light up her face (from Pacific Pearls; price, $600):

If you look beyond the clichéd wedding strands—which are deliberately created to play second fiddle to the dress—the pearl's luminous natural beauty emerges, for this June, and many Junes to come. 

At least for some of us!


une femme said…
Duchesse, you always find the best pearls! I love the keshi necklace and stand of "coins." I may have to get back on my search for an easy keshi necklace.

LauraH said…
As always, you've found some amazing pearl pieces to share. I might never wear anything like this but it's so much fun to admire and learn.
Anonymous said…
Yum, what beauties. I have a narrow Hermes menswear tie, sky blue, thrifted (for $2!) I'm taking a moment to imagine that Belladora piece pinned across it...

Susan said…
I think pearls are really special and perfect. I can understand that not everyone is on that bandwagon. Thank goodness for diversity---and for people who love pearls and provide us with these options.
LPC said…
So beautiful. Katura sent me this email - look at these colors. (no commercial relationship)
Tiffany said…
Oh my goodness, I am coveting that wire cuff!!
NN Bartley said…
Love pearls as does my 16 year old daughter. For her, she wears my classic strand with jeans and a work shirt, hair piled on top of her head and an assortment of Pearl studs gracing her earlobes. Very classic rocker chic. Very dressed/dressed down for High School.
For me, they do just what you said, light up my almost 60 year old face. Love that extra bit of glow.

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