Sunday night street party, Little Italy, Montreal

Montréal's Little Italy prepared for Sunday's Euro Cup quarter finals, the long boulevard of cafés decorated and equipped with extra big screens.

Crowds fill every seat to watch with rapt attention...

and Italy wins 4-2 on a penalties. The street erupts! Young men pile into a truck...

Champagne is "served",

The mood is giddy, friendly, infectious.

But one had his own sweet dreams

and another was undeterred from his Sunday hobby.

But it never hurts wear a party dress

or a smile


when your neighbourhood turns into a raucous celebration on a soft summer evening. 


barbara said…
We watched that game(and mostly all of them...) and the english Team had all mouth and no trousers, especially the Keeper.
On Thursday we will see Italy vs. Germany and although I cross my fingers for my country I have to say "Forza Italia" - love how they play football.
But WE do have the best dressed Trainer, Jogi Loew in Strenesse Shirts and Baby Cashmere V-Neck.
Handsome Guy.
Anonymous said…
Nice photos, they really captured the spirit of the day.
materfamilias said…
Wonderfully captured exuberance -- I love your photo-essay here!
Jill Ann said…
What fun! Makes me wish I were there instead of my beastly hot, boring suburb! Nobody's going outside because it was 102 today. Blehhhh.
LPC said…
Fun! Love the photos. I remember when some of the the World Cup took place oddly in suburban Palo Alto, CA and the Brasilians took over Los Altos Main Street. That was something.
I had to walk home - a whole (long) block - because there were cars, motorcycles and cyclists far more daring than me (yep, young guys). Not complaining of course - it was a lot of fun. But I doubt Italy will win the semi-finals.

If I have time (no urgent work), I want to watch the Italy-Germany match with a couple of friends, but we are looking for a "neutral" café in a different neighbourhood!

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