Bucket List: Owls

On last New Year's Eve, the conversation turned to Bucket Lists.

I find such lists ill-timed. If you have to be the waiting room to fulfill certain dreams, it is likely too late. Don't you want to do them far enough ahead of time that you can revel in the satisfaction for a good long while? 

I've only a few things on a list of "somedays", and one is, to pet an owl. Harry Potter notwithstanding, these magnificent creatures are predators that must be handled by experienced falconers, and that's not a weekend course. Owlets, however, are pushovers for a nuzzle.

Just watch this:

There really is not much else.

Maybe Capri in quiet September. More bright rainbows, some cracking ocean storms (experienced from a dry cabin with a snifter of armagnac), a grandchild. A concert I had no idea was going to be transcendent when I bought the ticket, like life itself. The very best experiences are not for sale, or even determined by us.

The most important item on my Bucket List? A bucket that kicks smoothly and peacefully.

Do you have one? Will you tell us what's on it?

I am offline for a short time, and will respond to comments on Friday.


materfamilias said…
I'm with you, trying to do what's important to me as I move along rather than carrying a list I will try to race against the clock with at the end. And ever since the concept first getting, sorry, kicked around, I've realized that I would much rather die still with things I'd love to do, projects I'm keen to get to, languages I'd like to learn next, than feel I'd crossed off every time and was just waiting for the lights to be turned off.
That said, in the wake (again, sorry) of a few sudden deaths recently, we've been evaluating our lives so far. And I find I'm pleased with how mine has played out to this point. Still much that I'd love to do, given the chance, but nothing that feels worrisomely undone.
I did have a staring contest with a barred owl several months ago, but wouldn't have thought of petting anyone with eyes that fierce. Owlets, though . . . I'm sure you'll post if you ever get to stroke those charming feathers.
Anonymous said…
Oh, that owlet! I had a little green lovebird years ago (rather owl-shaped, actually--all head and tummy) who loved to have her head rubbed that way--she used to scratch her head against my husband's beard.

The only item in my bucket (other than the wish for a grandchild, of course) is also bird-related: I dream of a trip to Hokkaido in February, to see the courtship dances of the beautiful cranes who return to the marshes there in late winter. I see it in my head, like a Japanese wood-block print: the magnificent birds--white with touches of black and red--bowing and dancing in the snow on ink-stroke legs...

Owls fascinate me and I have sighted only two in the wild and would love to spy a few more before I peg off!
A grandchild is such a gift I hope for you that dream will be realized in good time.

I have no formal bucket list but I would love to go to Paris someday and get back into a size 8 or 10!

Enjoy your blog break...
diverchic said…
I can help with the owl petting.
In Peterborough there is a lovely conservation place http://www.conservationcentre.org/ which has owls and hawks.

And you can visit us on the way.
frugalscholar said…
The New Orleans Zoo occasionally had owl shows, where people could pet the owls. I'm sure similar are available elsewhere.

Oh, so many things I want to do: go to Vienna, where my mother was born, go to Belgrade, where I have relatives, go to the beautiful cities of Eastern Europe, etc.

There are a few big books I need to read (or more to the point--finish).

Improve my French.

And, like you, a grandchild or three, and even more, seeing my children in happy relationships.
LPC said…
I don't have a bucket list. Just moving instinctively towards happiness.
Jill Ann said…
I want to see the Northern Lights. I'm sure there's lots more I want to do, but that's what I've been thinking about lately.
Anonymous said…
I don't like the phrase "bucket list" - sounds depressing. Like Lisa, instinctively moving towards happiness and a general feeling of contentment.
Mardel said…
I don't think I have a bucket list either. I've discovered that I am fairly content with my life as it has been lived. I want to savor the moments as they come. Yes there are things I want to learn and see and do but they are just like bits of icing, not defining goals, at this point.
Duchesse said…
materfamilias: So well put, and I would be thrilled to have a staring contest, too.

C.: So, you are a bird-lover too- and such an evocative image, dancing cranes.

hostess: The break is due to a visit from a friend, which is another of life's pleasures.

diverchic: Do they let you pet the owlets?

frugal: Am just now realizing how many of us have that desire for grandchildren.

LPC: I guess some people get some enjoyment out of making the list, whie others don't.

Jill Ann: I grew up where they were not infrequent- absolutely awe-inspiring, so I hope you do this.

kathy peck: A premise, and a "grabber" movie title, but maybe there is a gentler term we could come up with.

mardel: ... and maybe you have supplied us with that better term: Icing List.
tinyjunco said…
ah. i had the incredible good fortune to volunteer at lindsay wildlife museum for a while, years ago. We were able to work with owls, walking through the hall with them on our gloves so the people could see them up close. really, if you are drawn towards these creatures volunteering to help out at a rehab or education center opens up the most wonderful opportunities. Just being around the birds, seeing what they do and what attracts their attention, etc. is incredible. i hope you get to do this one!!! steph
Duchesse said…
steph: What an incredible experience, to have that contact with owls. Thank you for the idea, I had not thought of that route.
diverchic said…
They let me pet them. They also had a horned owl and a big hawk at a street fair in Colborne and were showing them off in a quiet place to interested people. I stayed for a long time, petting and asking questions. I'm sure they thought I was besotted, which of course I was.
Lindsay/Peterborough - better plan a trip.
Duchesse said…
diverchic: Perhaps you have them on your property? I can see how easy it is to be besotted.
Northmoon said…
I've always wanted to drive an 18 wheeler. Even if it was just in a parking lot!
Duchesse said…
northmoon: Waah-hoo! Hardly the kind of thing you can borrow for a spin, and what a blast.
diverchic said…
There is something on my bucket list I forgot until I read about the 18 wheeler. I want to drive a horse and buggy, both a good size. And then there is scuba diving a whole lot more,writing a book and achieving enlightenment.

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