Jewelry: Santa, baby

Today, some tempting pieces, perhaps as gift or to treat yourself. The timing suggests Christmas, but whether you celebrate it or not, here are contemporary pieces for various budgets, free of logos.

Asymmetrically-set Australian opal ring, Alexandria Rossoff. Price, $1,195. A flashing opal set in 18k gold, modern and refined.

Christophe Lemaire brass cuff, from Bird, who deem it "like a Richard Serra sculpture". Price, $140. 

Stacked keshis are among my favourite varieties, and when you add handmade black diamond rondelles and clasp, you have unusual pearls that can be worn everywhere. From Kojima Company; price $430.

A fun, hip etched NYC map-print wide cuff in nickel from Etsy seller HannahRuthDesigns; other cities available. Price, $60.

Anne Sportun's smart Eclipse ring has a 20mm 18k yellow gold textured center surrounded by pavé-set black diamonds (.34cts tw). An unusual anniversary gift or a right-hand ring, left-hand ring–who cares, it's gorgeous. Price, $2,980 (Canadian dollars.)

Does someone mean "the world" to you? Fisher and Kinmark World Map necklace of stainless steel continents linked by chain, from MOMA Store. Price, $60.

The splurge: Luscious, big ruby and pink tourmaline earrings by Nak Armstrong at Twist. Price, $2,700. Notice anything new, dear?

My parents played and played Eartha singing her holiday classic. I was too young to get the double entendre, but eventually her purr became evident.
Come and trim my Christmas tree
With some decorations bought at Tiffany's
I really do believe in you
Let's see if you believe in me

Boo doo bee doo!


Alison said…
Those tourmaline earrings are gorgeous. What a shame my budget so so bijou.
Love the brass cuff...exquisite!
Susan B said…
I think the map cuff is my favorite, but they're all outstanding and gorgeous pieces, and I'd be happy to have any one of them.
You do show us some great pieces...if I were to opt for one it would be the Pearls of course. I like the addition of the black diamond details too, I haven't seen that before now.
HB said…
Lovely! Alexandria Rossoff is new to me - and perilously close by.
Duchesse said…
Ali: But we can build our eye!

Pam: So do I, but would say it demands a certain minimalist ensemble to show to advantage.

pseu: Isn't that a great cuff for the price? Thanks!

hostess: Did think of you when I saw them :)

HB: Stop by and try THIS on:

and you can call me Enabler any time.
SewingLibrarian said…
As a lover of maps, I like the cuff and the continent necklace both! But the cuff is more wearable, I think. Lovely things, all.
Susan said…
I love the map cuff and the keshi pearls. I also play the Santa Baby song and have loved it for years.
materfamilias said…
Always such fun to window shop for jewelry with you -- you find such treasures. I'll take the map cuff, please, and perhaps stick with the theme and get that stainless steel atlas necklace as well.
Rubi said…
You know I'm a big fan of Anne Sportun jewelry, and those black diamonds are very cool... thanks for the goodies!
Anonymous said…
I couldn't have the map necklace 'cos it leaves New Zealand off! We don't exist off the side of Australia! I guess it was too hard to put such titchy islands there... :)

Lovely jewels though, I do love looking at interesting jewellery!

Anonymous said…
You have chosen some beautiful pieces. Simplicity is a joy forever.

My fantasy shopping list would include Elizabeth Locke rings:
Northmoon said…
Once again Deja Pesu and I have similar taste - I'd choose the map cuff too!
Duchesse said…
eleanorjane: You must be tired of seeing NZ left out, and yes, the piece would need little bits hanging off many continents.

Anon@2:24: Elizabeth Locke is forever etched in my mind as the jewelry of Patricia, a friends' mother; she was fearsome, the first adult who terrified me. The jewelry carries that memory for me- elegant and classic though it is. (I need to see it on other women to break that connection.)
Duchesse said…
Rubi: Anne Sportun is a Torontonian and a lovely woman in all respects. I've had the pleasure of working with her to design a special gift for a friend.

Materfamilias and Northmoon: Suggest you check this artisan's other pieces, there is a very appealing snowflake etched bracelet too.

Am loving handmade jewelry that is not too "fine" these days, it fits my lifestyle.
HB said…
You are quite the enabler! I love that ring (color, size, everything - just wow) - also have my eyes on a couple of astonishing earrings there as we are awaiting profit share decisions....

I enjoy the creative in addition to the blatantly fine. Thank you for a nice range on which to dream.
LPC said…
Thank you for the gorgeous scenery:).
Susan Tiner said…
It's always fun window shopping here :).

I love that song, have been playing it non-stop since the weekend.

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