Sale alert: Summer leather

If you wear leather, in a word: summer. 

You can pick up some terrific buys now that make an expensive material nearly a steal. Ignore the high temps, think fall, think investment. (I still wear wear some leather pieces bought ten to twelve years ago.)

You've got to pick and choose among the offerings from the Canadian mall chain, Danier, but when they restrain the urge for embellishment, they provide items at a fraction of the cost of designer leather. 

And when Danier have a sale, there are leather bargains indeed.
The lambskin leather t-shirt was my go-to garment of my fall through early spring. It's on sale, $79 from $229. You can't order online, but there are phone and e-mail options here. Fit is true, back of tee is a heavy double-knit; a small hidden side zip provides more hip ease if you need it.

Web site lists sizes as XXXS-XL, but who knows what's available till you call or e-mail.

If you like your leather in luscious caramel, this classic lambskin blazer is also greatly reduced, $269 from $449, in sizes XXS-XL.


If you are in the S-M-L range, you could have a hip leather t-shirt dress for fall; was $299, now $149.

I'd also pick the popping patent shopper, reduced from $149 to $99; available in black and turquoise, too. 

Lafayette 148 take leather way beyond basics. I saw this supple suede draped front jacket in a boutique last spring, now it is far less on the web site, $269 from $898, in quite a few sizes.

This is not all leather, but cut me some slack, it's a drop-dead jacket, the Ports 1961 Taureg Utility jacket with leather flaps and belt. On sale from $1,250 to $529 at Saks. Probably overpowering on petite women, but on average to talls, a shot of tailored drama.

Do you notice a lot on sale now? 

Stores are careful to not send out desperate signals like they did in 2008, but I see 50%-60% off signs everywhere.

The days are already shortening, the stores slowly filling with fall looks, and leather will be wearable before you know it. For the right item, I like 60% off and a short summer vacation for the new purchase in the back of the closet.


Susan B said…
I haven't been seeing very big markdowns at any of my usual haunts, other than the occasional "additional 30% off" a small table of well picked-over sale items from the spring season, and the one-time 30% off event I mentioned at Ann Taylor. I think retailers have really reduced their inventory to start with, and the good stuff tends to go more quickly. One option for leather on sale here is the Nordstrom anniversary sale, which starts in a week or so. They put a few select new Fall items on a temporary markdown of about 30-35% and often have some very nice leather jackets and coats among the selections.

Love your selections as always, Duchesse!
Susan said…
Duchesse, I remember how much you have enjoyed your leather t-shirt. I had not realized that the back was knit. That makes sense.

I'm anxious to hear more about your new home and city!
Rubi said…
Talbots of course is on big sale -- though nearly all of my "scores" had to go back because of sizing issues. And jjill seems to be doing some kind of offer every other week.

Because I don't shop often in the bricks-and-mortar places, I haven't noticed if there's as much going on, salewise.

I just made my Nordie's pre-sale wish list for some fall shoes and skirts -- and a "if wishes were horses" Liebeskind satchel, to be bought in celebration of the new job, when I get it. I didn't feel too tempted by their leather pieces (it's been hot and sticky here), but I may yet succumb.
I love that patent leather tote and $99 is not a break the bank price either.
The Lafayette suede is a nice piece too and would be a very good choice for fall.
What have you purchased?
Mardel said…
The lafayette pieces are very nice. I think I'd like to see more pieces from this line and I remember the leather top. Worth looking into further I am sure.
LPC said…
My best and bravest self would wear that black leather dress, with patterned sheer black tights, black pumps or ankle boots with some detailing, long gray hair pulled up in a chignon with a hair fork, and a gold cuff with scattered diamonds made from all my old pieces. And small gold posts. Pink/brown lipstick. I'd say very interesting things, too, I just know it.
Duchesse said…
une femme: I'd be interested in that Nordie sale, for sure!

Susan: That will come; I am taking August off from online life so will gather more impressions then.

Rubi: I thought long and hard about that Talbot's $25 jeans sale last week, but since I have two unworn pairs, resisted.

hostess: I bought nothing, as last fall fell for that tee in both short sleeve (shown) and a long-sleeve version. Both are among my favourite items and are in perfect shape.

mardel: Lafayette 148 is one of my favourite lines, partly because it fits me well.

LPC: You'd look amazing in such an ensemble, and it is a given that you'd sound interesting in anything. Hair fork, love it!

I would buy the dress if offered in an XL.
Fall. Oh dear. Out here in Vancouver we've barely had any spring. I haven't gone two days in a row without my jacket or a sweater. Something is very wrong here. But thanks for the tips, anyway. I'm off to Danier to see what they've got...

Duchesse said…
Carol: I hope your Danier is service-oriented; if you wanted any of the pieces shown they might have to access the entire system. Danier have done that for me in the past, but I find service varies from store to store. It's chilly here today too but the stores are already showing a season ahead- as well as some summer things.
Susan said…
For those who might be interested, Lafayette 148 has a blog:
Susan said…
I am SO sorry. I posted the wrong link. Instead of the Lafayette 148 link, I posted a link I was sending to my husband.

Here is the Lafayette 148 blog:

That's what I get for not looking at what I am typing and posting. My apologies again.
Anonymous said…
Lafayette also has a website:
Jill Ann said…
That caramel leather jacket is exactly what I've been fantasizing about for several years now. You know, one of those outfits that appears in your head, and in your head you look awesome in it! My imaginary leather jacket is worn with a white shirt, narrow jeans, and rugged boots (probably Frye boots.) I may also be wearing my grandpa's turquoise bolo tie with the white shirt. Maybe someday I'll actually buy the jacket! But right now I am in weight loss mode and of course don't want to buy anything that will be too big later (one hopes!)
Susan said…
Duchesse, I missed your usual Thursday post today. I hope everything is ok with you.
Duchesse said…
Jill Ann: It must be a bit strange to see your fantasy garment "in the flesh". I love your styling. And... it does exist.

Susan: Thanks you, I'm fine. This is a voluntary effort; some days I will go awol.

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