Seaside scent: Brittany in a bottle

Long gone is the Mother's Day gift of what essayist Robert Fulghum called the Gummy Lump.

When I came to brunch, the table was dressed with an enormous bouquet of lilacs, but the scent I'd like you to meet (if you have not already) is not from our garden, but from the seaside in Brittany, scene of magical family holidays: Côte d' Amour by L'Artisan Parfumeur.

L' Artisan describe it as "a beautiful escape on the French Atlantic coast". Perfume Blogger The Scented Saladmander (Marie-Helene Wagner) says,"Wearing this scent in the city immediately evokes farniente (the "sweetness of doing nothing") at a Parisien terrace café over lunch break, baking in the sun."

Bearing both the Ecocert and Cosmebio lables, the fragrance is entirely without synthetics, 100& natural and organic.

What does it smell like?

Sea water and driftwood, sun on pebbles, the salt marshes of Guérande, rosewood. pine and cypress, gorse, rose, heather– and the indescribable sensation of sand on skin at the ocean. A technical feat in an all-natural perfume! And best of all, though a summer splash fragrance, it has significant staying power.

Côte d'Amour is not just a 'sea scent', it is a North Atlantic sea scent particular to the Côte d'Armor–the Celtic name for Brittany– hence the pun in the name.

Where to find it

Readers in Toronto can find it at Noor, the refined parfumerie tucked into the Four Season's Cumberland Avenue side steps east of Avenue Road.

You may order it by mail through
L'Artisan Parfumeur's web site.

If you want to sample it and are not near a L'Artisan boutique or counter, you can order decanted samples, from 1ml to 5ml, from The Perfumed Court. International shipping available, and just try to stop at one sample.


Anonymous said…
Duchesse, you did it again ! The description of the fragrance is so evocative that I will order a small sample from my German source for niche perfumes (Aus Liebe zum Duft). I am a true lover of scents, and I like to look at them as my fragrant wardrobe, so to say. As a few sunbeams are squishing themselves through grey skies here, the urge for a feel of skies, sea and breezes is enormous ! Maybe I can find "Summer in a bottle" :-) Thank you for this description ! kind regards, Martina
Susan B said…
Oh that sounds fabulous, and your description is pure poetry!

I'm going to order a sample right now.
materfamilias said…
What a wonderfully evocative description -- I will also put this on my wish list. Sounds perfect as a summer scent.
So nice to find a fragrance that is safe...I have been hearing some nasty facts about what is in our scents. You have a gift in describing the perfume and are very convincing!
The company should hire you!
Belle de Ville said…
Your description makes me want to take a trip to Brittany just to stroll along the coast.
Tiffany said…
You've got us ALL wanting to try it!
s. said…
Simply scrumptious!

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