Of interest to Toronto-area readers

Muriel Dombret, designer/owner of the Ottawa boutique Clothes, will hold a trunk show in Toronto on Wednesday, March 31 and Thursday, April 1, 5-8 pm. at the Metropolitan Hotel, 108 Chestnut Street.

You can
buy items at the show or order from swatches; she will adapt a style for your figure or preference. Muriel's simple, chic clothes are made of Italian linen, cotton and lightweight wool for spring. Timeless garments, and a relaxed, pressure-free way to shop.

Sizes: 2-4 to 14-16.
Price range is about $250-$350 for a jacket, for example.


LJ in Toronto said…
do we need to book with her?
materfamilias said…
Ooh, wish I could be there -- you've profiled Dombret's lines before and they look wonderful, especially at those prices. Will you be treating yourself? Will you show us?
Duchesse said…
LJ: No, just show up.

materfamilias: Well, hop a plane and stay with me. Hoping to order a skirt; she will cut a few inches longer! What a joy to have clothes made so that they fit.
Anjela's Day said…
oh yes please...do show us I think I would love her to make me a beautiful dress in a soft white wool.......and maybe a grey suit very fitted and a longer below knee white skirt in linen pencil thin....Do let us know what it was like.
s. said…
I hope to run into some of you there. Happy shopping, mesdames!
Thanks for this; looks lovely. Though of course I'm a lot closer to Ottawa, I more often work there, and have family in Ottawa and Gatineau. Love her sketches.

I passed through Antwerp last week. Very high winds. Duchesse, Belgians aren't QUITE as tall on average as Dutch, but your height is nothing out of the ordinary, even for an "over 50".
Tish Jett said…
My chere Duchesse,

I think you handled your awards with your usual aplomb and grace.

This virtual world can be so bizarre.

Have fun shopping. I trust you'll tell us what you liked and maybe even what you bought.

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