Collecting colour for a jump on winter

August is the month for rock-bottom summer markdowns and the first racks of winter-fall items. It's the swing-point when suddenly the season shifts; a filmy top looks past its peak, but we may not be in the mood for heavier clothes when it's still sweltering.

My Parisienne GF Huguett
e is visiting. Years ago, she taught me to grab beguiling pieces now, while stock is fresh and few (in this part of North America) are yet concerned with staying warm. In bleak March, your cerise cardi or ochre jacket will lift your spirits, and just try to find one then.

Here are a few things to get a jump on the season, in the spirit of her advice.

Fendi Wood Ruffle Detail dress from My Theresa, $846. The perfection of this dress, worn with black tights, and pumps or leopard flats, mists my eyes.

J. Crew cashmere shell in Hydrangea, a gorgeous blue, for $90. Soulful cashmere lifts a black jacket from the gloom and won't be too warm in well-heated buildings.

Marc by Marc Jacob's wool/cashmere Maxine Sweater delivers cheek via a plaid peplum below the black body and a close fit.

The delightful intersection of jacket and sweater; $328 at
Saks Fifth Avenue.

J. Crew velvet Eden jacket, $148, in copper. This rich fabric and colour compliment one another. Surprisingly neutral, bound to sell out.

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel Military Coat is strict but not serious, with precise purple facing on charcoal wool. $755 from Net-a-porter (and even now only available there in 6 and 8). I'm showing it as a suggestion for winter coats that are not dark and drab.

Speigel, the reasonably-priced catalog company, offer shapely stretch sateen separates, including this sharp deep violet jacket, $69, as part of the Signature Stretch Sateen Collection.

I like the wide lapel and flared sleeve, smart cross-seasonal wear that goes right through winter with a wool shell beneath. They also offer a 25" pencil skirt in this colour (in both Misses and Womens' sizes) for a mere $39.

Fall earrings: Beth Orduna Multi-Ring Earrings with Tortoise Loop; sterling, brass and tortoise shell, $122 from Twist.

If you see what you love, buy now. This fall will be a wobbly season; the first of inventory reductions should be apparent on shelves as orders finally catch up with the economy. Expect fewer 66%-plus markdowns, but less choice, too.


Anonymous said…
Good advice Duchesse; I have been forced into a number of clothes shops with the teenagers recently (summer holidays - what else can they do but spend my money for me). And I noticed the autumn stuff appearing so I have bought a few things early because they were there. I got a lovely royal blue woollen dress the other day, which I just know is going to make me feel happy to wear.
mette said…
You are so right Duchesse. I make my best next season buys already in July! I definitely agree that you have to grab it when it is still warm ( whatever your buying ). I have also found out, that if I deliberately go to look for something, I won´t find it. So I buy something when I see it and need it. I never shop sales. When money is scarce, I avoid going to shops.
Susan B said…
These are all so pretty! I'm really tempted by that JCrew jacket...

The summer-to-fall-transitional season is when I generally do the most buying. Usually this is when "my" colors are available, and the fabric weights are good almost year round here in LA. So far this season though, haven't seen much to get my heart beating faster.
Frugal Scholar said…
I'm beginning to think I should give up my usual sale-oriented shopping, and just get a few things at the start of the season. My problem is that I always see something I like better. I do not have the French talent of closing my eyes to later alternatives!
materfamilias said…
This is my usual modus operandi -- to buy items when I find them, if they're right, never mind the season or that they're still full price. I'm generally a Medium-ish size which tends to sell out and my preference if for items that aren't stocked in multiples. So "you snooze, you lose" definitely applies. That said, we're expecting temps back up in the high 20s next week again, which is not a great motivator for fall/winter shopping! You've inspired, though, with these great offerings. Thanks!
StyleSpy said…
Hot damn. Every one of those is great, but that Fendi number makes my eyes water.

We don't have the seasonal shift here for another couple of months. And then the problem is that it's actually fall, but it's still 90 damn degrees, so what the heck do you wear? Very frustrating.
lady jicky said…
Our early spring/summer stuff is coming in and I got the "jump" on a cute denim top !
I agree with your French GF - the good stuff goes fast, for people will pay for something great up front!!!!
Tiffany said…
That red dress is DIVINE. How I wish I could have it! I also buy things when and where I see something right, whatever the season - it's winter here, but I just bought a summer top, because come summer, I know I won't find it again!
Anjela's Day said…
Some great items there. I love the dress!
You've picked some beautiful items there Duchesse - if only I had the bank account to fund them!
LPC said…
Duchesse, yoo hoo, I have an award for you today...
sallymandy said…
Oh, the red of that Fendi dress is making me drool.

Your post reminds me of the children's story about the mouse named Frederick, who stored up colors for the winter while his mouse-mates were gathering nuts.

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