T Magazine's style gorge: Colette, Carey, Kristin and more

The New York Times' T Magazine is always a delicious style gorge, and this Fifth Anniversary Issue delivers an extra dollop of desire and dish.
Shown, Lily Cole photographed by Paolo Roversi.

I won't steal the cherries out of the chocolates, but here are a few of my favourite bits:

"I'm very vain. It's because of my vanity and my pride that I don't want to have my skin drawn tight across my face. I don't want to have big lips. Isn't perfection really about being able to wear your years in a way that is agreeable to look at?"
- Kristin Scott Thomas, in "Cinéma Verité by Holly Brubach; photo by Solve Sondsbo

Did you know Colette ran a beauty business in Pari
s in the early 1930s? She developed and tested formulas herself, designed makeup brushes ("like cat's paws"), and advised clients. She told a mother her daughter should wear her hair with bangs.

"That would be a waste", the mother said, "she has such a pretty forehead, why hide it?" "True", Colette answered, "but I'm sure she has a pretty arse, and you hide that."
- "Belles Lettres" by Christopher Petkanas

This hallucinatorially gorgeous necklace by Rome-based jeweler Luigi Scialanga will make it into my inspiration file.

And the perfect red suit, Prada worn by actor Carey Mulligan.
Photo by Raymond Meier.


Sounds like it's full of great articles- when you've finished can you post it to me?
Duchesse said…
Imogen: The link should work now; click on the highlighted text "New York Times' T Style Magazine."
materfamilias said…
Oh, sounds perfect reading for an end-of-summer afternoon!
mette said…
Great reading. Btw., I like the red ( is it a cold red?) suit by Prada and the way, how it is so casually tied, with a belt.
Anjela's Day said…
Love the Prada suit. And the story made me laugh so much about hiding her arse....hah hah hah Great article. Thanks!

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