Thinking of a minkie?

While our blogging friend Deja Pseu swans about in Colorado in her vintage mink jacket, the temps dip ever lower here in Canada.

Here's a glimpse of me in the snuggly sheared mink duffle I bought seven
years ago on eBay, in perfect condition then and still in great shape. Whether shopping online or in a store, check whether the pelts are supple and glossy, the stitching intact. Be willing to replace a button or even replace a lining, and you too can beat brrr with fur.

Now is the time to make an offer: vendors want to clear stock and you'll have ample time (in this part of the world) to enjoy it before sending it to fur storage.

I have a soft spot for mink jackets: they are light, warm, and chic with pants or skirts, and wear better than a full-length coat. You'll get more wear from a jacket than a coat, and if you've ever seen women hauling their long fur coats above the slush, you'll appreciate the shorter length.

The sweet selection above is from
Estate Furs, a site with offerings from various sellers.
The site has detailed measurements for each piece and many more on offer (as well as other furs); search "jackets"/"mink" and have fun!

Pictured above, from left to right:

1. Tourmaline mink jacket from Kruger Furs, size 10, $295.

2. Autumn haze shawl-collared jacket, size 12-14, $400 from Day Furs.

3. Versatile, hip tourmaline vest, reverses to camel leather
, size 10, $600 from Day Furs.

4. Blackgama wing-collar jacket for a petite woman, size 2-4; look at the quality of this coat! $700 from Day Furs.


Frugal Scholar said…
Wonderful bargains. And I believe mink is a sturdy and long-lasting fur, which is why there are so many around.

Another sturdy fur which can be had even cheaper is mouton (fancy way of saying sheep). I used to wear great mouton jackets from the 40s in grad school and they kept me warm in the freezing midwest.
Anonymous said…
Mmmm... My favourite subject. My mink is knee length which I prefer to a jacket or full length because it covers my backside (good for warmth and also aesthetics!) but is short enough to wear with drainpipe shape trousers and flat ankle boots for a modern look. it is A line in shape with a trenchcoat collar (very 60s). And the colour is a rich chestnut brown.

I wear my mink very seldom, but in winter it hangs on the back of my bedroom door so that I can stroke it and smell it (!) every time I pass.

And I like to wear it with very simple clothes, for example a plain high neck sweater and matching brown trousers. In that way I feel it makes more of a statement, a la Audrey Hepburn.

When I was buying I was told to look for natural undyed male mink for value for money. I think male mink is thicker, longer lasting and has more guard hairs.
Duchesse said…
GP: Knee length is very versatile too! Male mink is denser but female is softer, lighter weight and more supple, so better for tailoring. A fine quality Canadian or Scandinavian female mink will be very durable- as the fur is denser thanks to the cold climates. Male mink is good for shearing, plucking or dyeing. (Oxidization is a problem with dyed mink- colour can change or look off with exposure to sunlight or air.)

I like how you're wearing your mink!

Frugal: You can find mouton on eBay but it seems to have vanished from stores, replaced by sheepskin, which I find just too heavy in all but the very finest quality. I gave away two coats b/c felt like I was carrying a two year old in them.
Anonymous said…
Wow, mink is a lot more affordable than I thought it would be! I should dig out my saga silver fox. It's very 70s looking and for an inherited piece, it fits pretty well.
Frugal Scholar said…
I used to find vintage mouton jackets at church rummage sales. Sadly, I gave them all away when I moved south. Little did I know then that winters can be cold here. I haven't told my daughter how many I gave away (maybe 4??); she would want them now. You are so right--I had forgotten how heavy they were.
Anonymous said…
The only problem I have my mink is what hat to wear. Any ideas Duchesse?
Duchesse said…
GP: My favourite look was a woman in a black mink as you like to wear yours, she wore a cherry felted wool beret, and I loved it. Pure's Bakerboy hat would be whimsical. Now on sale for only £14!
A cashmere knit beret would also work.

For a more Audrey look, a felt cloche or Hermes scarf folded into a long band (but of course not in snow!)
Anonymous said…
I forgot to ask if you let people touch your Minkie?
Duchesse said…
Karen: Depends on where :)
BeeFeeDee said…
Minks can be really affordable! I just bought an Azurene Mink Swing Coat from Henry Cowit for only $1195! And now they're having their "Spring Layaway Sale" thru the end of June. Check out their website: They have many designer furs for a fraction of their original selling price!

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