Pearls: Summer solistice treats

One more pearl post because it's June, just past the longest day.

Meet Sarah Canizzaro and see her pearls

Here's a 28-minute Instagram TV Live segment hosted by Renu Choudhary of The Diamond Talk.  Reanu interviews Sarah Canizzaro of Kojima Company, who shows some of her favourite pearls and talks about the industry with her inimitable verve and candour.

I was especially struck by her remark that "pearls are the only thing in the jewellery industry to give back".  Pearling requires clean water, so the marine environments are maintained. (If you're wondering wheher some pearls are more sustainable than others, read this post.)

To begin...

Pearl passion begins as does any love affair: with a glance you can't forget. Sarah advises looking at the varieties to make a short list of what appeals most, then buying the most intriguing examples within your budget. 

In the first window, pearls that deliver joy without breaking the bank. Our budgets differ, so here are pearls at various price points. 

Left, detail: Judy McCormick pairs luxurious golden South Seas (8mm) with CFW baroques (21 x 16 mm, yum!); a sumptuous earring that combines two varieties beautifully. Price, $US 595.

Upper right, detail: Malachite pearl earrings by Mejuri: Plump 14mm x 10mm baroques with a 7mm x 7mm malachite triangle set in gold vermeil. A statement for $CDN 150.

Bottom right: 12mm keshi studs—good size and so versatile. Even with shipping from Australia, these look like a good buy. Price, $CDN 35 from Etsy seller PearlyTreasuresAU.  (Note: I don't know this vendor, who is new to Etsy, but would order even though she does not take returns or exchanges.)

Once in love...

After you get that glow going, you'll discover a world of alluring options. Let's look at treasures to mark a milestone—perhaps getting fully vaccinated?

Left: The Watching Sunset necklace is 18-inched strand of 10 to 13.55mm golden South Seas. Price, $1, 700 (minus 18% with Pearl Month discount.) Sarah calls this "a solemn and dignified aesthetic" but I see it more as "uptown funk gonna give it to ya" thanks to the organic vibe of the banded and rippled mix.

Upper right: Soft Rosy Lavender Baroque CFW necklace from Kojima Company. Lustrous and dreamy, in an eye-catching (those pearls are 12.2mm-14.5mm!) yet gentle natural palette. Length is 18"; price $US 702 before the Pearl Month discount.  

Lower right, detail: Keshi petal earrings, graceful blossoms. The size (18-20mm), thickness of the petal freshwater pearls, and the 14k setting makes these simple but special. By Montréal jewellers Serafino, one of my favourites. Price, $CDN 220.

Summer school

Sarah mentions the Cultured Pearl Association of America's online pearl course, "Pearls As One"; if you contact Kojima Company, she'll send you a coupon code for free registration. That's a generous gift and a terrific way to become a more knowledgeable admirer and buyer. It's about an eight-hour course provided in modules.

These are the last pearls in the windows before the Passage shutters for the summer; there will be a final post next Tuesday. Then I'll be in t-shirts, sandals and pearls till September, exploring the steadily re-opening world. I hope you're out there too. Let's wave to one another!


Jane in London said…
Thank you so much for providing this link - I really enjoyed the interview, and my mouth was watering at some of the pearls being shown!

I also had great fun looking at Renu's Insta page - that Maharani's swoon-inducing diamond and emerald necklace...

Your pearl picks are, as always, great and include pieces that make me think! I agree with your take on those exuberant golden pearls, and I find the keshi petal earrings absolutely gorgeous.

Jane in London
Tom said…
Thank you, as always, for providing aesthetic pleasures!

I thought of you and your crusade when I read this article in NYT (aesthetic un-pleasure):

LauraH said…
Pearls for the solstice, how perfect.
Laura J said…
An enticing post. Fabulous pieces and am intrigued by the course.

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