Pearls: Spring, three ways

Spring! Coats lighten, mufflers unfurl to reveal necklaces. And what a gift to pearls: natural daylight brings out the over and undertones. Pearls in the Passage today, because there is nothing like pearls to add a grace note, whatever your style.  

I imagined specific women in the Passage: Graceful Gardener, an uncontrived but not unconscious jewellery wearer who likes natural themes;  Insouciant Original, who embraces the unusual and arresting; and Classic Chic, a woman who chooses clean lines that are anything but bland.

In the window, three different approaches to pearls, just in time to take them out for a walk in the sun.

Graceful Gardener

The natural world represented in pieces that span the decades—or centuries— effortlessly.  

Left to right:

Freshwater pearl and bronze pendant by Michael Michaud at V&A Museum Shop; price, £120.

Kimberlin Brown 18k gold branch earrings with akoya pearls; price, $US 1, 480 at Voiage.

Late Victorian pearl and 9k gold swallow brooch. Price, £375 at Fetheray Vintage and Antique Jewellery.

Insouciant Original

Pearls in an unexpected presentation— she's open to unusual mixes and the more exotic pearl varieties.

Left: Luxe large multicolour keshi pearl 16-inch necklace with gold-filled spacer beads by Westbyron on Etsy; price, $CA 203.

Top right: Rainbow-overtoned baroque Tahitian and gold and pink Chinese nugget pearl necklace, 41 inches (!) from Kojima Company; price, $US 720. An extra enticement:  Kojima's SPRING SALE begins today!

Bottom right: Josephine Bergsoe gold "Hydra" stud single earring; diamond, pearl and 24k gold bead; price $US 1, 100 at Voiage.

Classic Chic

Pearls with clean detail, or simply glowing on their mesmerizing own.

Left: (Detail) A pair of Tina Engell flat-linked earrings (available in silver or gold plate); price, £230.

Top right: Hirotaka Floating Akoya Pearl earrings (in 10k hoops), from Twistonline; price, $US 1, 411

Bottom right: 10-10.5mm Green Lagoon Tahitian pearl studs from Kojima Company; price, $US 792. 

No need to play favourites, I'd wear all of these! All one needs is the the inclination. to glow—even if it's still at a distance.



Laura J said…
Oh, lovely pieces! Pearls are perfect for every season!
Hester said…
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Jane in London said…
What a fabulous selection. Some real delights, and I have spent quite a bit of time today down the fascinating rabbit hole that is the Fetheray website!

Had you seen Tina Engell's 'Squid' ring? Not pearls, of course, so a bit off-topic - but a gorgeous confection with cinnamon diamonds. Now all I have to do is find a spare £5000 to buy it with... :)

Jane in London
Allison said…
Although I consider myself an insouciant original I would cross over any day for those Kimberlin Brown branch earrings or the Green Lagoon Tahitian pearl studs. Lovely!
Who am I kidding!?! Every piece would be welcome in my jewelry box.
Thank you for the pick me up as we in ON appear to be heading into another lockdown, sigh....
royleen said…
Yes, yes, yes, to all your choices! And I also appreciated the visit ti the Fetheray site. My, what lovely pieces.
Ms. Liz said…
What a beautiful selection of jewellery you have brought to your readers. I especially like the Michael Michaud necklace. I have earrings and a sea scallop necklace (with a pearl) from this designer and I really enjoy wearing them.

My husband and daughter bought me for Christmas two pieces of Anne-Marie Chagnon jewellery and both of them have pearls in the design. I am hoping that there will be some sort of summer ahead of us so I can get out and enjoy wearing them. Otherwise I will wear them at home. Life is too short not too wear jewellery.

Please keep your pearl posts coming as you have an eye for unique design.
Unknown said…
What beautiful and gracious Spring inspiration! Thank you!
I prefer the gardener's wardrobe, but of course I'd also like a cat (who isn't tacky or mad-cat-lady in feel).

Happy Spring...

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