Paris: Strangers in scarves

Because I’m awake, and thinking of scarves...what else, at 6 am., too early to have breakfast?

 My sense of community leads me to grab street shots of locals in Montreal, but feels invasive here.  If I were heedless about privacy, I would shoot the mature, rather than the young, who are beautiful everywhere. Once out of their twenties, most women's scarves are of good quality and even in spring, full sized.

Some of the best are by Inouitoosh, whose boutique I visited with Huguette. You can buy them online! They are fanciful but not juvenile, and the colour combinations are arresting, those 'almost off' shades, in many palettes.

Below, carré "Benoit" in anis nude, in a silk/modal blend. Price, €150.
The fanciful "Gili" (cotton-modal blend) shows summer sea life and is fresh and pretty on a shirt. Price, €70.

I haven't bought one; plenty of time to think it over.

The most audacious yet )relatively) accessible things I saw were by Carven; some of the clothes are classic and quiet but then... this skirt, which of course was in the window.


royleen said…
There are so many lovely scarves on the website. I use cotton/linen a lot... The air conditioning can get too cold in many places, even though it is very warm outside. Tempting! Thank you!
Leslie M said…
I also checked the site and found many that I liked a lot. I like the large sizes for travel. Warmth on a plane and pops of color with neutral and black travel wardrobe. Thanks for the reference; I was unfamiliar with the brand. There are shops in the US, too!
Wendy said…
"Fanciful but not juvenile" is exactly what I want. This shall be my new mantra when shopping for scarves and other wardrobe items. Thanks.
Duchesse said…
Leslie and Royleen: This is a prime example of my purpose for the blog ( one of them) : to locate quality items for women in the Passage- at various price points when I can. No sponsored posts, no commissions and in exchange you are subjected to my quirks.

Equaly important is trading tips and sources withbreaders, and discussing life beyond scarves!
Today, a Lanvin kerchief-sized silk scarf in cherry red and mauve, from the famous Ste-Madeleine d'Outremont bazaar (society church; Justin and Sophie married there).

This belongs in the skirts post, but I don't want it to go too far back in the line: Skirt's day, or "little skirts day" in the Netherlands, but that doesn't necessarily mean minis, or xxs skirts. It is the first day most women (who wear skirts) wear them without leggings, tights or hose. In casual environments it might mean both men and women wearing shorts.

I hope you are a little more rested, but a relaxed holiday can be as pleasant as an always on the go one.

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