Winner: Kim! (Kim @ Feb. 27, 9:43 a.m.)

The winner of the perfumeniche draw for the Passage des Perles "Naturals" decant pack is Kim!
Kim, please e-mail me with a postal address so that Gwen and Kay can send your package. (My e-mail addy is under my photo at the right.)

Winner: Frances McDormand!

"We all have stories to tell and projects we need financed."
For her remarkable performance, for teaching millions of viewers the term "inclusion rider", and, when acknowledging the other nominees, for inviting Meryl Streep to stand first, in a c'mon, sister move that was at once both respectful and adroit.

Winner: You! Me!

I wish I could just keep giving goodies away! We can have the "Naturals" fragrance pack anyway, by ordering from perfumeniche, here. As they say, we're worth it.

Spring means indulging in new beauty bauble or two (and throwing out the funky old stuff.)

I get that itch as soon as the light changes, so a shout out for a New York Times article on the best drugstore makeup. I am a huge fan of drugstore products, ever since I worked with fashion editors who had a lot to say about the quality vs. price for the luxury level.

Off to buy a bunch of tulips, see you Thursday!



Kim said…
OOOH, so looking forward to these samples!! Thank you!
LauraH said…
Nothing like a bunch of colourful tulips to bring spring into the home. I succumbed to the delights of a pink edged primrose from the greengrocers the other day...lovely.

Drugstore stuff is great, thanks for the link. Paula's Choice, which I have used for years, used to offer annual write ups on the best drugstore products. Sadly, they no longer do so. Things have changed in that organization, not sure for the better.
Duchesse said…
All: We will do another draw, date tbd- maybe fall. Aaand, I'll have another draw for something edifying soon.

LauraH: I remember Paula's early-days guide, wasn't it called "Don't Go to the Drugstore Without Me?" or similar title? I manage to eat off even hightly-pigmented lipstick so there is no point in spending $40. I was happy that many of the recommended products in the NYT article are available in my local chain drugstores. Paula's Choice was sold to two private-equity firms, one after the other and have been raising prices (and garnering complaints for that) but I cannot speak to any change in product as I don't use them.

If I may generalize, private-equity ownership is the kiss of death for both makeup and clothing brands. The operation is run by finance people who will cut quality to max profit.
LauraH said…
That's the feeling I'm getting. Time to look around for alternatives.
Mardel said…
Oh how I love tulips in the spring!

Thank you also for the link. I love drugstore makeup, although I actually use a mix of things, both in terms of skin care and makeup. And I used to love the "Beautypedia" side of Paula's choice, with the reviews and good information on products. But it has slid downhill lately. I think private equity is the kiss of death for many things, beauty, clothing, healthcare, food..... you name it, it is antithetical to human endeavor and creativity, if not life, the quality of which cannot be so easily quantified. I suppose this even goes back to trusting reviews -- and the reason that the Paula's choice reviews have gone downhill so rapidly. To trust the review you have to trust the reviewer; in the end, as with all things human, it becomes relational.
Thank you so much for directing us to the drugstore makeup review. Cosmetic departments/stores overwhelm me and I get sucked into buying way too much (don't ask me how much I spent at a Fresh store in Boston many years ago). Drugstores I can manage but it's nice to have some guidance too

Duchesse said…
the good enough mother: I see your Fresh and raise you a rainy Sunday afternoon, Sephora. Never again.

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