Hope and the holiday

After today, the Passage shutters until January 9, 2018, for a pause to celebrate and relax. I wish the same for you.

The sentiment I welcome this time of year, whether one draws it from a faith tradition or not, is hope. Not joy, not comfort, not goodwill toward men even if that term includes women. (Salma Hayek is the angel on my tree this year.)

So, hope. I hope harassers of any stripe will pause before acting to assess whether their actions serve dignity and safety, whether they would like those whom they love subjected to such acts—and then choose to change.

At Christmastime I think too, of lonely people, who have no one to visit or receive. Loneliness may inhabit the heart even if a person is bustling to work, or standing in line in a bank. I hope each of us does what we can to connect and ease that ache.

I suspect that we distract ourselves from community by the focus on things. I'm seeing more and more young adults stepping away from that model of consumerism and many aspects of the prevailing economic model.  I hope they keep pushing, organizing, seeking ways to improve equality in the world my generation is leaving to them.

I hope both countries of which I am a citizen resolve their conflicts peaceably and that the US finds some way to revive its commitments to protection of the environment.

I hope Montréal's new mayor and her colleagues make good on their promises for more social housing and transportation.

I have frivolous hopes, too. I hope women stop fretting about the size of their pores—just use sunblock and moisturizer and get on with life. I hope now that I've found a well-fitting, inexpensive bra that it isn't discontinued like the last one. (Dadgummit, Olga.) I hope Patti Smith gives us another book soon.

And I hope you keep walking through the Passage. It was named for the tiny arcades of Paris, those idiosyncratic, half-hidden retreats in which to browse and restore ones' self away from the chaos and commotion of city life. Your comments connect me both to you, and to continuing to write.

I am asking for a gift: Would you tell us what you're hoping for? If you have a moment, I would love to hear that. Your hopes, humble or grand, serious or lighthearted, will give me hope, too.


Boston Girl said…
I hope that Donald Trump is not our president for his full four year term. I hope for good health and wellness for my husband and two sons. I hope for an expanded sense of community for my neighborhood, city, state, country, and world. I hope for you to keep blogging!
Venasque said…
I hope ill-tempered and ill-informed people don't lead us to nuclear annihilation. I hope my country keeps welcoming the world and continues as a sane and level-headed centre of calm. I hope people can open their ears (and hearts) to other opinions and listen, as opposed to talking over each other. It is possible for someone to have a different belief from yours, and as long as it's fact based, they're entitled to it. Surely with a little effort, common ground can be found. Just stop yelling at each other.
Janice Riggs said…
I hope that the selfishness of our leaders doesn't lead them to cut MORE services to the young, the old, and the needy. I spend much of my time obsessing, with fear, about the future, and I hope that something changes that trend...

Thank you for your blog, for your very excellent writing, and for your intelligent comments on my blog. I cherish every visit that you make, and every word that you write to my readers and me.

Happy Happy Holidays!
Lynn L said…
I hope to be able to carve out more peaceful moments in the chaos of our current world so that I can appreciate the good that still exists.
angiemanzi said…
I hope to age gracefully without rancor and that my husband and I are able to spend a lot of healthy and happy times together after I retire in February. I leave the fear mongering to everyone else, life is too short. A blessed and joyful holiday to all.
Mary said…
Join Janice and other commenters before me in hoping that the safety nets so necessary for the survival of so many are not cut out from under them by people who clearly don't seem to give a damn--especially after giving the rich the means to become even richer. I am hoping the rage I feel from this year's political mayhem will have a reason to dissipate--soon. Personally, I hope to discover new purposes for my life as I (happily) retire next week from my work world late next week. Many creative and volunteer endeavors in mind, but will take my time deciding on next steps.
Kamchick said…
I, too, share the thoughts of other commentators who hope for positive political change for the good of all peoples in the world. The present situation strikes me as increasingly dangerous for all. On the 'home front', one of our three adult children has remarried, after a disastrous first union. I am amazed that he had the courage to try again. He has married a lovely girl, wise beyond her years, and our hope is for a wonderful life for the two of them and his two young daughters who are lucky to have this lady as their role model. Finally, I look forward to each and every wonderful post from you, Duchesse!
Laura Jantek said…
May we walk thoughtfully through the coming year--thinking of others, of our portion of the planet. Consuming less, giving more, treating the people,animals, space, and land around us with respect and generosity.
Sue Nations said…
I hope that you keep writing because I love reading your blog. Merry Christmas!
I loved the pearly mistletoe ornament - how witty.

I avoid talking politics in the electoral sense on boards such as this, but I volunteered for Plante, who lives in our neighbourhood with her husband and their two boys; one 14, one 11. I've met her more than once at the bicycle repair place on St-Zotique across from the IGA... The new mayor of NDG-CDN borough on the western side of our mountain is Sue Montgomery, who was very much involved in the rapednotreported campaign and actually endured hateful misogynist graffiti and vandalism during her campaign.

As for the promises, we'll see... and hope.

I also very much hope for an affordable bra that fits and doesn't hurt! And for a mild winter.

Happy Solstice to all.
LauraH said…
I bet the journey to find that bra was epic:-)

My hopes centre around my 7 year old nephew - I hope he finds his way in a world that I suspect will be very different from the one that now exists, ecologically, economically and socially.

And I hope you keep writing. Merry Christmas.

Mamamiau said…
I hope that sanity and kindness and common sense return to power throughout this splintered, dangerous world. I hope that I will continue to see and hear beauty wherever it exists, and that I will be able to share it with loved ones and strangers.
Sammye Broline said…
For me, I hope for halfway decent health. For my elderly dad, I hope for a coherent and painless end of life. And for my beloved grandchildren I am hopefully confident that they can and will manage their adolescent problems and the mess my generation has left for them.

And I, too, hope that the Duchesse keeps sharing and stimulating.

Leslie Milligan said…
I hope you return on the 9th, refreshed and ready to delight us anew with your writing and pearls. I hope my husband buys less wine next year. I hope to see a pod of Orca whales from our back patio overlooking Puget Sound. I hope we are still in this house at this time next year overlooking Puget Sound. I hope for peace and happiness wherever I am.
Susan said…
I hope for governments that put their citizens and their needs first--above the wants of the extremely wealthy and powerful. I hope for honesty in government, not the smug and obvious falseness that we are now subjected to.

At this very early A.M. (Insomnia) moment, I hope to pack everything in our SUV to celebrate Christmas away from home and at a Central California beach location. This includes all Christmas presents for two sons, two daughters-thru-love, and four grandkids, cooking paraphernalia, and, oh...our clothes. I hope that husband truly listens to and acts on doctor's orders.
I hope...to MAINTAIN hope for America, for the environment, for the human condition.
I hope your well-written blog continues so that I may enjoy and ruminate on intelligent thoughts from you and your readers. They give me hope!
"God bless us, every one!"
Charlene H.
I hope to find contentment with life as it is now, with all it's trials, tribulations and joy.
Thank you for all your thoughtful - and sometimes provocative - writing - I always find something of interest, to think about and to comment about. And thank you to all those other readers who take the time to comment - I love reading all your different "takes" on topics - it always makes for interesting reading.

Happy holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.
I hope that women continue to gain leverage, using their oft-buried strengths for the good of the world. Here’s to a 2018 in which we can all follow our dreams, embrace our desires and believe in our abilities.

Merci ma Duchesse for your continuing blog and un très joyeux Noël à tous!
Dulce Young said…
I could not let this pass without wishing you the best of the holiday season, and to thank you for this blog, which i really hope you will continue. Though i rarely comment, i do make it a point to read every post you make, and i truly appreciate them!
Jane said…
That pearl snowflake is absolutely adorable! How perfect! I hope it stops snowing! It's December 24th. I've got stuff to do!
I hope for the millions who are displaced, homeless, that they have food, shelter, love and hope.

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