Note: Post removed, but will return!

I mistakenly published a post on a reader's pearls before it was complete. The subject of the post, Carolyn, is sending me a better photo.

Some of you will have this post in your readers now; it will reappear in early April, with the new photo.

And since I've popped by to say that,  here is a freeform Tahitian baroque stretch bracelet for a remarkable price, from Pearl Paradise:


LauraH said…
Feel free to pop by any time 😊 Now I'm off to check out that bracelet.
Frugal Scholar said…
At least I got to say hello.
Leslie M said…
Your mistake is my new bracelet. It's on its way to my house.
Thank you!
Duchesse said…
Leslie Milligan: Given that a single Tahitian baroque like those is often at least $75, that is a great buy, if they look lustrous in person. (If not the 30 day full refund policy is available.)
s. said…
I just bought 3 of those bracelets!! I think they'd look fabulous worn stacked... but I worry a bit since I seem to recall my late mother stating that pearls scratch easily. Any thoughts on whether or not they'd be destroyed were I to wear them several times/ week, all together?

I figured that when I grew tired of wearing them this way, I'd also have enough to have a necklace made.

Thank you for the heads up. Fingers crossed. In any case you said: 30 day return policy!
Duchesse said…
s.: Damn, woman! That is utterly "you'! Pearls will not abrade other pearls. A best friend's father, a jeweller in Honolulu, always said, "The only thing that should touch pearls is other pearls." They will be scratched from metal- such as wearing with chains against them, or by storing them in a way that the clasp rubs on the pearls. (But it is more likely pearls will be damaged by chemicals like perfume or makeup.)

Because those bracelets are strung on elastic thread, you should restring with new elastic every year, especially if you wear them a lot. Very simple job (no knotting) and you could even diy- look up "stretch bracelets."

If you would be so kind, send a wrist shot... yum!

s. said…
Thank you, my dear. As always, you are truly generous ~ and, dare I say, kind? ~ with your knowledge and enabling... ehhhr, I mean, encouragement :) . Of course I would be thrilled to send you a wrist shot! They will be awaiting me when I head to Florida, late next week. xox
Champycorn said…
Hi Duchesse,
I would like to ask for your opinion on 2 tahitian pearls i saw at Kojima Pearl. This earring: ID#KDE873/KDJ640 and this necklace: ID#KDN2217/KDJ2000. I like the overtone of the earring, but is the style ok for a 53 year old grown woman? Do you think the necklace is too 'green'. I saw some mixture of colors on other sites and it seems so nice also. I dont have any tahitian pearl, but would like one. Any advise you can offer on first time tahitian buyer. I am medium color with yellow undertone. thanks!
Duchesse said…
Dulce Young: The thing I know for sure is you have the eye! The earrings, at 12mm are more than OK for a woman your age, they are what you should be wearing (unless you are a very petite, slim woman who likes delicate jewellery.

re the pearls' colour and your skin tone, you will have to try them. Pearl photos are often shot in a light box, and that spectrum and your monitor can affect the colour... the green may not appear as pronounced in real life. The green/rose tones will likely complement your skin tone, but without your photo and seeing the pearls in person, I can't say for sure. (Tahitians are never "too green", it is a matter of whether they please you. Overtones are what give Tahitians charisma.)

There's a whole different aspect to pearl colour in daylight versus artificial light, too.

The prices on these Tahitians are extremely tempting. If interested, order to see before someone else has the same idea ;)
Champycorn said…
Dear Duchesse,

I am actually tiny woman, not more than 4 feet 10 inches at around 100 pounds..but i LOVE BIG pearls! I have been an avid reader for so long, just very quiet.

I am from the Phil and i will just have to ask my sister to buy this for me and bring over here in June. She is not particularly knowledgeable about pearls and may not be able to say, upon seeing it, if ok or not.

I love the overtone of the earring. It is the necklace i am concerned about. Although it says it has intense luster, i am not sure if the overtone is as gorgeous as it looks more green than peacock.

This maybe my first and last tahitian purchase. Could you give me me your opinion or other possible options?

Thank you so much and i always look forward to reading your post!
Duchesse said…
Hi Dulce,
I suggest you contact Sarah Canizzaro, Kojima's owner, to ask about international shipping. The items sold by her are usually one of a kind so there is a risk to waiting. If mailed, you would have the option to return.

Also, you could request more shots of the necklace in different conditions, and a neck shot. She can describe the luster, and you can express what you prefer. She cares about women having the right pearls for them. Awhile ago, I asked if she had a certain variety and colour of pearl, within my budget. It took her over a year but she found them.

Since you are in the Philippines, you are also in a prime pearl vendor location. I do not know the dealers there but you could inquire who sells very good South Sea and Tahitian varieties.

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