Try your luck to win free matching leggings

TumTum & TukTuk is my daughter-in-law Tash's Etsy shop, where she sells her funky and well-made leggings for tiny kids, senior kids, and (by order) adults. She's been happily surprised by the reception; mamas from Canada to Norway are ordering her designs.

Tash is presently running a contest, open to all, in which she's giving away two matching pairs, so you'd have a gift for two little ones, or a pair for the snapper and for yourself—they make great grownup pjs or long johns. Grandson Émile models with his mother, above. Someone has to fill the Ramones' shoes.

To enter, go to TumTum Facebook link, where it's easy to sign on for the draw. (You must have a Facebook account.) Note that entries are accepted through Friday, Nov. 29.

Other contest news: I'll present my first ever pearl earring giveaway very soon, so check back next week.

In the meantime, if you simply must have pearls right now, what about these? (This is not the giveaway pair, but a stellar example of a jeweller's art.) 

Atelier Munsteiner aquamarine and Tahitian pearl earrings. Note the unusual and striking 'icicle cut' of those aquas and the lustre of the pearls. Price, $12, 970 at Szor Collections on First Dibs.   


Grandson is appallingly cute - I don't know how anybody could get anything done with that little face in the same room!

And the earrings are breathtaking; you have the BEST taste in jewelry!
Adorable - but I'll leave the contest for those with children, grandchildren or small nieces or nephews. Livia doesn't need leggings; she has black fur ones.
Madame Là-bas said…
He is adorable! I visited Tash's Etsy page and I wish that I had a little child to dress. Those are just about the most beautiful earrings that I have ever seen.
Am going to pop over and check out the etsy shop...we have 3 grand children.
Those pearls are lovely and I am a fan of all pearls...I have been wearing my simple studs and dreaming of bigger Tahitian pearls!
Will be back for your pearl giveaway...what an exciting thought!
materfamilias said…
Done. And I shared the contest post on my blog -- good luck to your daughter-in-law and her enterprise (your grandson is a charming model) -- I'd love to see her make those shiny ones available. Cute!
Mardel said…
OMG! I initially skimmed this post, thinking the leggings were not for me. But the earrings! I have had those earrings saved on my "covet" list for some time. Alas all my money is going to household projects at the moment.

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