September at the Market

Welcome back! The Passage opens officially on September 13, after I return from a short trip, but let's fit in a quick trip to the market. 

What do you need? A bushel of peppers for jelly? Sauce tomatoes? And of course, we'll people-watch.

The scarves retreated briefly during weeks of scorching heat, but even now, at 26C, an off-the-shoulder blouse will be accessorized with a white scarf.

A particular charm attends mothers and daughters of all ages. Remember when a box of berries was a treasure?

Hats shield from the still-intense sun. The madame at left in her eyelet newsboy is eighty-one; you can just see the stars on her t-shirt. The other two wear jaunty straws, one patterned, one plain.

Artful prints always draw the eye. I would love those crops! The redhead wore a green cocoon shrug draped off her shoulders and matched to her eyes.

In summer, locals gorge on colour before brisk autumn nudges us into black or navy coats. Magenta with burnt-orange: exuberant and unusual—or fresh white eyelet, with feminine detail:

Did you remember your tote? Women carry everything from chi-chi patent to folkloric print to an inexpensive eco-bag.

Occasionally we admire more than the produce:

Perhaps a gelato before heading home? And do tell us about your summer!


Welcome back - hope you had a wonderful summer.
It has been hot, hot, hot here in Toronto and after some relief over the past 3 or 4 days, we are back to another heat warning for this week! I know that I am ready for Fall (my favourite time of year) and I'm longing to gt back into my lovely sweaters.

My fashion needs will change this year as I've just been laid off from work - an early (forced) retirement - at least for the next 7 pr 8 months. I won't be buying a lot since I'll be watching the pennies so, once it finally cools down, I will be carefully going through my existing wardrobe and seeing if there are any gaps that truly need to be filled and what I will be wearing now that I'll have a bit more casual lifestyle.

Looking forward to new posts!
Your market looks very... tasty! And your eye for the telling detail and the defining accessory is as good as ever. I'm looking forward to your return from holiday; it's not quite the same on the Internet without you.
Madame Là-bas said…
I'm in Ennis on the West Coast of Ireland. So nice to see you back with your street scenes of Montréal. The woman seated next to us at lunch had spent 10 months in Montréal. There is such a Canadian connection here. Markets and women of all ages and styles!
So beautiful to see.
Araminta said…
Welcome back. How much we miss Montreal while we are living (for the moment) in London, UK. Your photos of the marketers always make me smile.
Leslie M said…
Thank you for the little tease before your official return. Especially like the last photo. You always have something for everyone.
LauraH said…
Love the market photos! Reminds me of the days I lived closer to St Lawrence Market and went every Saturday, it was always fun. One of my big scarves came out over the past few days to use as a wrap as the evenings got a bit's put away now for the duration if this mini heat wave...sheesh. Gelato was a theme for me this hot summer, so much so that a little cutting back is now in order:-) Looking forward very much to hearing what's on your mind and on your radar this year.
Wendy said…
It was thrill to find your post in my inbox today! I, too, am looking forward to cooler weather (still quite warm in Northern California) and an early October visit to Montreal and Quebec City. Welcome back!
SewingLibrarian said…
Happy to see you here in the passage again. It's still very hot here in East Tennessee, so fall is still a dream. But it will arrive, sooner or later.
Kristien62 said…
Welcome back, Duchesse. I've missed your wonderful posts and pictures of my favorite city. Our weather is very similar and, I must say, this summer has been delightful. We wanted to get up to Montreal, but simply didn't get there. Your street scenes make my nostalgic for some very lovely times spent in Montreal. We must return soon.
Susan said…
After a mild summer in Texas, I am ready Autumn. It is always a treat to see your market photos.
Yes, I saw this early this morning ... It's Tuesday, so it must be Passage des Perles... but didn't want to be the first responder. I love going to the market early in the morning. I made a salad with farro, an Italian grain (similar to spelt, but much softer) and the tomatoes and herbs one expects in this season. Lovely shots of mums and daughters and colourful clothes.

Yes, the last shot is a very handsome man, but other than probably being a wee bit young for me, he also seems to be a smoker.

I'm basking in this warm late summer, as is Livia. I hate being cold.
Though that we might see a few pearls....but you have shared a few snippets from your local market...equallly tempting!
You are back and that is great news!
Guermantes said…
Yay - Happy to have a PdeP in my inbox with tempting scenes of the lovely city of Montréal. I always enjoy these streetscapes so much, esp how we see all different ages and sorts of people (touched by the mothers and daughters in particular), not just 18 yr olds. We spent 3 great weeks in Canada touring New Brunswick, PEI, and Nova Scotia and swimming in clean water on empty beaches. Back in Cambridge, UK, it's overcast today but has been end-of-summer mood with cropped, golden fields full of hayrolls, and a slightly wistfulback-to-school feeling in the air. On the plus side, have already topped up the autumn wardrobe with moss-coloured jumper from Masai and Japanese wool trousers from Toast! Bonne rentrée à tous!
Mardel said…
Love your market photos. No scarves here. It is still brutally hot, the worst summer that I recall since moving to east Tennessee. At least the mornings have finally gotten cooler.
Barbara said…
Great to see you back!
I always love your Montréal impressions, it's so european that it could be at our markets.

Except the price tags, Munich's markets usually sell for the prices of gold:-)
Beth said…
It's great to have you back!
Beth said…
It's great to have you back!

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