Rambling in the last warm days

We have enjoyed a honeyed, unusually mild autumn here, kissed with deep golden light and the warmth of sun, which touches our shoulders in mid-afternoon.

Walking through the market, I noticed many women holding on to the pleasure of dressing in only a shirt. For crisp stripes, the cross-pattern pockets are the detail that makes the difference:

Colour has deepened, as we store summer's sunny shades. Worn by a woman having coffee, speaking expressively: teal jeans with an aubergine jacket. (One sign of Montréal women is that they prefer favour contrast to careful coordination.)

And what contrasts are on view! Her tights as flaming as the fall leaves:

A white activewear jacket with turquoise lining, black yoga pants and a lime scarf looked cheerful on this brilliant day; soon November descends into grey skies and hat weather, and she'll put that jacket toward the back of the closet.

I left the market to walk through a semi-industrial area, where I stopped to read a poster seeking our help in finding Clarence, a 15 yr. old tabby who has wandered away.

The owner says he might be hiding in one of the many industrial garages. I have hope, because reader lagatta, who lives roughly in the same neighbourhood, lost her elderly cat for two months; he turned up, hungry and exhausted, but alive.

Easily the most beautifully-made lost cat poster I've seen; Clarence is clearly loved.

On upscale rue Laurier, I stopped to admire this dress by Isabelle Elie. I wondered who would buy this lacy confection with its detachable fur trim, chic for holiday cocktails.

The stirrings of the upcoming holiday season, in more ways than one: you take a yoga class with a DJ and a wine tasting!

My next real-people shots will be of Montréalers in leather jackets, parkas, boots (but still scarves). But on this golden mid-November day, we strolled unimpeded and appreciative of this little dividend.


materfamilias said…
After spending some time crafting an apology to a response on my blog, I was delighted to come for a Montreal walk with you. . . Lost cats, flaming red tights, festive cocktail dresses, and DJ-led yoga classes. What a good way to start the day! Thank you!
Oh it must be warmer in Montreal than it is here in Victoria...we are wearing coats and scarves already!
That is a beautiful poster of the cat...hope it is found soon before the weather turns.

Thank you for taking us along on your walk today...I quite like seeing Montreal through your eyes!
LauraH said…
It's been a wonderful fall here in Toronto too, just starting to get some rain after many days of sun and warmth. Love the colour contrasts you spotted, I often go that route, it's fun.
I love that you post real people in real clothes. Not "styled" to the nth degree and not out of reach.
Hope the kitty is found soon.
Thanks for the stroll.
Madame Là-bas said…
It looks warm there. We have winds and grey skies today. Your people photos are always so much fun. Real people in real clothes.
Drat, now I'll have to go looking for Clarence. Renzo went missing on Hallow'een; it was a beautiful day that year and I was hanging hand laundry out on the line and on sweater dryers. He's almost twenty now. I've lived with him longer than any other sentient being, including my mother (My father died when I was 15. Don't smoke). Clarence is a beautiful cat and I hope he can return home.

It rained today, but was still very mild and I cycled to a client's in a raincoat - and bicycle lights on in (foggy) daytime. I hate winter and am enjoying this respite.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: The poster is on St. Zotique nr Esplanade, so he likely burrowed into one of the many industrial buildings around there- unless he's suffered a worse fate. I too always pause to read lost cat or dog notices and keep my eyes open. Renzo is a "super elder" cat!
LPC said…
Gorgeous cat poster! And when I first read through your post I thought, "Surely the women are not wearing only shirts!" I immediately figured out what you meant, but was temporarily diverted by imagining all the women of Montreal running around in shirts and tights.;) Now THAT is a way to welcome winter!
Duchesse said…
LPC: Ha! I hope the photos supply the clarity missing from the text.

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