Soignée knits by ça va de soie

In the Passage, I have a window-dressing dilemma.

I prefer to find interesting things not shown everywhere; the path to Nordstrom and Net-a-porter is well and ably lit. I'm proud to have been an early advocate of quality knitwear made for grown women (Brora, Bompard) but since the Passage's price point does not extend to the haute designers, I've been feeling a bit limited.

Till today. Today I can dress the windows with my favourite knitwear, and it's Canadian to (snow)boot: ça va de soi. (The idiom translates to "goes without saying" and puns on soie, silk.) Finally, they have an e-shop for Canadian customers and promise international shipping soon. (Sign up for their newsletter to receive an announcement.)

If Everlane had a love child with TSE, it would be this brand. You may recall my #1 shopping guideline is "WWJD?", "J" meaning Jane Birkin. Jane would wear everything here. The look is 'strict', discreet, ajustée (not flowy), the fabrics washable (cotton, wool, cashmere and a bit of viscose crêpe for summer). 

The boutiques do not have sales, and the only department store to carry the line presently is the in-store boutique at Ogilvy in Montréal. Nethertheless, women crave and collect these knits.

ça va de soie is not generously-sized; their L is about a US 12-14. My friend Maria, who says she is "a knockout 18", buys the merino wraps like one shown below.

Dilara merino

In every season, the collection offers some looser pieces—like the "Dilara" v-neck in a gentle cassonade shade—but that piece will still show curves rather than obscuring them.
Elega Egyptian cotton

The Egyptian cotton "Elega" tee, which I have in black, is $CAD 85, but the detail (the vee neck is deeper on one side than the other, and either can be worn as the front) and quality make it well worth the price. Mine is going strong after five years' wear, given black-fabric detergent and air-drying.

Milou cashmere
Milou is a cotton/cashmere blend; the fabric feels like a cloud lined in buttercream. Price, $CAD 195.

Dreama merino shawl

The superfine 160 merino Dreama shawl ($CAD 350) floats on the body, which made sense after I read that the knitting technology "incorporates air bubbles".  In the shop, I did not want to take it off.

Fabienne fine merino
The "Fabienne" merino coat in delicate pink and grey is the epitome of ça va de soi's European attitude. I see women in çvds, and vow to never order J. Crew again (but I do when there is a mighty sale, even with the horrid exchange rate.)

The company says, "A ça va de soi garment never fades, never breaks down. It's up to the task." My friend Louise took her cashmere sweater back to them; they repaired the moth damage perfectly and swiftly.

Pour moi, c'est idéal—and perhaps you will like it too.


Susan B said…
Oh, I do love that gingham print jacket! Looking forward to browsing their website.
Unknown said…
What a find! I am delighted to hear about them. I have been looking and looking for good options for sweaters, especially in merino. Thank you
Duchesse said…
unefemme: I'm glad you like it; however, it is a (knit) jacquard, not a print- I'll link to it so it's clearer.

Unknown: Here you go; I hope you are in Canada so you can order, or even in a city with a boutique.
Digs said…
So nice to see a Cdn outfit beautifully highlighted. That Elega top is gorgeous. Next time I'm in the best city of La Belle Province I might just break my RTW fast.
LauraH said…
Luckily we have a shop in Toronto and I've been there and the Montreal shop a few times. Tried on a number of styles and bought a cotton/cashmere navy cardigan last year. Happy to see that they have strong colours as well as the more neutral shades. I just wish the sizing was a little more generous. For most pieces, the shoulders and chest fit but when it gets to my hips....doesn't look so good. What a pity.
LPC said…
Always good to have another source of high quality tees!
Duchesse said…
LauraH: Some of the styles have a more a-line cut (for example, the Isadora and Monica sweaters,for which the cut is described as "trapeze") though not everything will fit a fuller hipped woman. I would love to see them make bigger sizes, too.
Susan said…
These pieces are really lovely Duchesse! I will look forward to the international shipping since as of right now, I will just fit into the size L. But, I have to ask about the black-fabric detergent. What is its name?
Duchesse said…
Susan: Woolite for Darks- the plastic container is black. But other brands make it too.
Mardel said…
Lovely, good quality basics. What a treat.

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