Welcome back! The Passage reopens with song and celebration.

Our son Etienne's and his true love Tash's wedding took place over last weekend, a sparkling end to the glorious Montréal summer.

Listening to their vows and and the reminiscences of family and friends at the reception, I recalled the small boy who would nestle against me, only yesterday it seems, in his spaceship-printed pjs, while we read stories and poems. From "Which witch has the itch?" to "I do" seemed to take but moments. It is dailiness—the routines of bath time and school days and supper at 6:00—that comprises a family's indelible memories, two decades built over the dining table and the playground.

Many of his and his twin's friends since primary school were there, in the slightly disconcerting guise of assured adults; the stylish siblings above no longer fight over Ninja Turtles.

The lines of this song came to me, carried by the ethereal voice of Sandy Denny. Suddenly, a boy  becomes a husband, his friends are the adults who design your software or teach your grandchildren. And all of this on Labour Day weekend, when the summer's evanescence was most evident.

"Who knows where the time goes?"

We await another joyful milestone, the birth of their son in late January, so soon I hope to read before bedtime, once again, with another snuggly small boy in his pajamas. 

The Passage traditionally opens with a pearl post, and pearls came to the wedding! The mother of the bride in a rope that includes her mother's pearls:

The mother of the groom en route to city hall, in Kojima Company baroque freshwaters:

I am wrapped in the special happiness of seeing our child so in love, and being loved in return.


Unknown said…
congratulations on your beautiful, joyful event and welcome back. i've missed your posts very much.
Kristien62 said…
So good to have you back, Duchesse! The summer just flew by-or is it just that the days of summer in the Northeast are so precious. And congratulations on your son's nuptials and the impending birth of your grandchild. So much to look forward to!

My last child will be married in Boston on September 19th, a formal affair and I'm a little nervous. I was given advice on being the mother of the groom when my first child was married, "Keep quiet and wear beige (I'm wearing navy.)" I won't be wearing pearls, but I loved how smart and current both mothers looked, with a touch of pearl elegance. Lovely.
Susan said…
What a way to open the Passage! I love the wedding photo and all of your words. And, how exciting to know that a baby is on the way! Both mothers look stunning in their pearls.
Beautiful images of a beautiful event - thank you for sharing it with us all. And welcome back! We've missed you very much!!!
Susan B said…
Oh, what a wonderful way to return! Welcome back. Best wishes to the lovely couple and how'll soon be a grandmother!!
materfamilias said…
Oh my goodness! I just sent you a FB message having seen some of the wedding photos there, but had to comment again on your beautiful words here. And such happy news! Now I'll not feel such responsibility to post photos of my own grandchildren on my blog. You'll have your very own to watch grow. Marvellous news! So happy for you!
SusanG said…
Welcome back, Duchesse! So glad you're back. Congratulations on your family celebrations!
Madame Là-bas said…
Welcome back! Such a happy time with a family celebration. Your photos are beautiful.
Greetings Duchesse! How lovely you look wearing your Kojima pearls...and on such a joyous occasion.
Exciting times...awaiting the birth of a grand child...our 3rd was born a few weeks ago and she is lovely.
Francie Newcomb said…
Congratulations, Duchesse! You look beautiful in your pearls. I loved seeing the mother of the bride too! What a joyous occasion! It is wonderful to see this post.
What a spirit-lifter in the final weeks of summer! Those are beautiful photos, and a fine wedding party. Where was the reception?

And what a morale boost a tiny new baby will be in the depths of winter. Hope all goes well.

Duchesse said…
All: Thank you warmly for your congratulations and welcome.
@ lagatta: The reception was at McGill's Thomson House. According to that site, they were the first couple ever to bring in their own caterers.
Maggie said…
Welcome back! Heartiest congratulations on the wedding and upcoming birth.
Sue Nations said…
Welcome back. You were definitely missed. And congratulations!!
Mardel said…
Welcome back! And Congratulations as well!
LauraH said…
A smashing return! Love the new look.
HK Bertman said…
I am late to the party wishing you and your lovely family all the health and goodness for many years to come! Such a beautiful story, thank you for sharing and welcome back.
LPC said…
I had to come back and hunt for this post, which I suspected would be here. And to find you'll be a grandmother! Wonderful, excellent news.

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