Off on a jaunt

Mini blog vacation: I'm off on a quick trip to Toronto to celebrate a friend's birthday. 

We'll visit the Textile Museum of Canada to see several enticing installations, "Artist Textiles from Picasso to Warhol" organized by London's Fashion and Textile Museum, and featuring rare pieces not on public display before.

Shown, Clare McCardell dress with Picasso "fish print":

See you next week!


materfamilias said…
Oh, what fun! Have a wonderful visit in your old stomping grounds.
Susan said…
I love the fish print!
Anonymous said…
Oh what fun. I visited the Textile Museum in April when the show you're going to see was being installed. I am so sorry to miss it. One show that was up was a collection of hats for Chinese boys and I hope it's still there for you to see. It was magnificent and beautiful and fun and whimsical and magical. The hats, I'm sure, made every little boy feel like the Emperor he truly is, while warding off evil spirits, and bringing health, wealth and prosperity of all kinds.
Vancouver Barbara
That looks lovely. If all goes well, an old friend of ours should be heading here from Toronto. She's been through a lot. The internet is too public (like a frog) to say much more, but I think you get the idea. So if all goes well, we'll be providing her a pleasant stay and a good supper.

I hope you were able to take the train.
Anonymous said…
i really enjoyed your views on friendship. i think i need to tend my friendship again more!
thank you
Duchesse said…
lagatta: I am thick as a brick re your comment, have not been able to figure out who this "old friend" is.

Vancouver Barbara: It was an enchanting show, I'll post some shots sometime in the next week or so.
It isn't someone you know - an old friend of mine in Toronto going through a VERY rough patch. I think it is safe to say that an abusive man is involved.

I'm so glad you liked that show; that is a lovely museum.

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