Montréal, May at the Market

Let's pack out shopping bags and head to the market for fiddleheads and early stawberries, some plants for the deck, perhaps a sweet scoop of ice cream.

Of course we're distracted by people-watching. I notice that most women are out of pants; dresses especially rule the sunny day.

A cherry print can't help but say "1940s", especially when piped in red: 

Planting season at last! Her sleeveless dress nudges black and white toward spring:

This is a dress-length abstract-print tunic over footless black tights, but the kicker is her black lace and net bolero. Women here wear this look at any age, and here's to them!

She radiates pleasure; maybe it's the day or the macarons she is considering. Either way, I admire her Mexican blouse and her red frames:

Jean jackets, in colours that reference the season: White with turquoise scarf and tee:

Coral, over a beige to brown palette:

Young women—especially those with beautiful legs—choose sheer little skirts that float with the breeze, but anyone can borrow the freshness of blue-and-white:

I caught you looking at men! And a few did catch my eye. I'm partial to pink:

A happy printed skirt would be fun to wear. She is also about to have her hand kissed, what more could you ask for? That ice cream? Sure!


Anonymous said…
Always very pleased when you share these photos. They represent an actual montage of what is seen on the street. Those very curated street style blogs are tiresome and present an over romanticised version of "style" in France, NYC, London...
It's so nice to see women who've taken some pains with their appearance - nothing extravagant, but certainly thoughtful, and attractive. Thanks for sharing!
materfamilias said…
Oh K, I love to walk the Montreal markets with you. Your perspective and open-mindedness about street style is so fresh and welcome. Thanks!
Susan B said…
Ah, wonderful! That warm sunshine after your long winters must be such a pleasure. I love seeing Montreal through your eyes and lens.
Madame Là-bas said…
Your posts of Montreal women are always inspiring. It does not take a lot of time,energy or money to dress attractively. The style in your market is attainable by all. Merci.
Mardel said…
Love these pictures, captured by a very generous and discerning eye. Thank you for sharing.
Anonymous said…
I love your posts of Montreal street style. It's so refreshing to see well dressed people of all sizes (and ages) on a style blog.
LPC said…
It's fun to see street style that's so unstudied, just a natural appreciation of color and texture. Almost like it springs organically from, well, spring.
Duchesse said…
Anon@ 7:17: I could probably do this everyday and always thank Bill Cunningham for his example.

Janice: Women here have something, I've always thought so, long before I moved here.

materfamilias: Hurry up and visit, and we'll go together ;)

unefemme: You've spotted it, there's an exuberance, almost a giddiness after such a harsh winter.

Mme: Though I know not a single one of the women I photographed I would guess they are just the usual busy woman, no models or anyone in the fashion business.

Mardel: I am pretty relaxed about taking photos at the market, which is public space. Sometimes I see someone at an event but then resist taking candid photo.

Anon@12:56: I have had requests to feature a diverse group and want to do so myself; thanks.

LPC: You occasionally see very studied ensembles here, more often in the chi-chi shopping districts, clubs, high end restos- places I rarely visit.

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