A shawl, a shirt, a fur and—finished!

I have been on a January mini-spree, gutting my budget but satisfied with the result. We'll see by the end of the year whether I chose well, but today, with the windchill pushing -40C, the picks feel right!

Friend's mistake, my break

The biggest purchase was a thirdhand mink vest that a friend bought in a consignment shop two winters ago, had updated by the furrier who did my coat reno, but then didn't wear. 

When she said she might sell it, I asked for first dibs, and by the new year, she was ready.

The vest met my requirements for fur (not new, not steel-trapped), her price was more than fair, and she's welcome to borrow it anytime. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Vest?

Cashmere sale in sub-zero weeks

At Eric Bompard's sale (on till February 17), I bought this cashmere shirt to replace an elderly black v-neck. I'm not a Pussycat Doll, so tie lower, in a simple knot. Shown in lake green because in black you can't see a thing. The sale price, about $110, is a 60% reduction, sweet!

Folkloric winter warmer

When I tied on an Ivko lambswool floral shawl, its squashy warmth soothed me like tea with honey. I wear a tomboyish uniform in winter—jeans and sweaters—so these flowers add femininity. 

The shawl (which I wear as a scarf, twisted and tied) reverses to a muted stripe of aqua, green, mustard and pink; I love it when someone pattern-mixes for me. Price, $145 at the local boutique Katrin LeBlond.

The black shirt was on my list; the vest a bit of luck; the shawl a snuggly requisite, because—this is life today and for many weeks to come:

As we say here, that's-it-that's-all, and my wallet is snapped shut for a good while now. 


Susan B said…
These look like great choices for your winter "wonderland." Beautiful scarf, and I chuckled at"pre-mixed" patterns...bought a scarf last spring with the same idea (mine's floral with a leopard border).
materfamilias said…
Glad to see you snuggling up so comfortably -- and stylishly! Whatever it takes to get through these next (4, for you?)months of winter.
LauraH said…
Love your fur vest look, it has a chic hippie feel and looks like fun. And what a nice score on the Bompard sweater. I bought a sweater that I love, the colour is stronger and richer than shown online http://www.eric-bompard.com/lang-en/crew-neck-pullovers-women/1328-dancer-neckline-crew-neck-pullover.html as well as gloves for the spring - if it ever arrives. Must admit the little bow would have made me hesitate - I'ld love to see a photo of you wearing it.

Your outdoor photo made me think again about high boots, they might add some warmth. Maybe next year - like you, my purse is closed except for a short list of 'needs'.
Gretchen said…
THose are really wise investments...and I believe you'll end the year rating these in the "win" column. I likely would look to have that bow removed, as that kind of frou frou annoys me and never looks right, but that vest! Brilliant!
Susan said…
I love all there purchases and think you are going to wear them and love them! Be careful out there on the icy/snowy sidewalks!
Duchesse said…
unefemme: Have you shown it? Would like to see!

materfamilias: We can have snow in April but by March women start to wear springish coats or tops, they've had it!

LauraH and Gretchen: I tie the ends (in a simple cross, not a bow) near the lower chest, leaving the tip two buttons open- that is how it was shown, at one time, on the web site.

Or I wrap the ties twice around my neck and tie the ties at the high neck in a square knot, as you would the tie collar on an English riding shirt.

Both approaches erase any hint of frou. The ties cannot be removed; they are integral to the collar.

Susan: Many persons have been injured on the ice this winter- including my son's fiancée Tash, who lost her balance and fell, along with her dog, on steep exterior stairs. Dog badly shaken up, T. OK.
I'm among the ice victims; there was very thick, slick ice covered with a bit of melted water and I fell not only on ice but on a metal grating for some underground installation, walking home from the Jean-Talon Market in broad daylight. Fortunately nothing broken, but I really hurt my knee and ankle. I was using a cane for a couple of weeks - that REALLY provokes the ageist "othering".

Maudit hiver!

Lovely as that cashmere shirt is, the ties would nix it for me as well. The shawl and vest are great, and the vest is long enough for you!
Duchesse said…
lagatta: That's an awful spill! This is the worst winter in the four I've been though here for ice.
Yes, it was much colder overall last winter, unusually so, but the up-and-down temperatures have left us with heavy "ice floes" that are beyond the capacities of our impressive snow-cleaning squads. I have been walking every day though. Despite its dubious aesthetics, Plaza St-Hubert is useful for that!

I've slipped on the ice before with no ill effects, but the metal grating (on Bélanger, between St-Laurent and St-Dominique) was very painful, although I had thick tights on beneath jeans. Better now.
Jill Ann said…
Sympathetic about your awful winter....reminding myself that I'll be miserable in August, but SO happy that it was 75 and sunny here today! I wore my new Bompard cardigan (navy, very thin knit, and quite long) for the first time today. Love the mink vest, wish I had one!
Kari said…
Hi Duchesse, Can you comment on sizing for this line of cashmere of sweaters. Since from France does it run a few sizes small? Thank you.
Jill Ann, there are many, many other things to love about Montréal. You're at almost 24C, which is just about perfect.
Duchesse said…
Kari: On Bompard's web site, (and in the paper catalog) for each garment, you will also see a Size Guide with garment length and chest width for all garments. The sizes do run smaller; best way to check fit is to measure a current garment and compare using Guide.

Jill Ann: Enjoy that warm, light pleasure!
Rita said…
Good choices all, but I would have about 6 inches taken off the bottom of the fur vest.
Duchesse said…
Rita: Finally, I at nearly 6 feet in boots, get something long enough- and of course someone says "shorten it" ;) No thanks!
Mardel said…
Those all look like such good choices, and I love the length of the vest. I believe you are taller than I but I am long of torso and struggle to find anything long enough,..

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