Montréal people: Slipping into spring

This past sunny weekend—with temps just at 1C/32F—of not-quite-spring, I had my camera out while waiting on an outdoor bench at Café Olimpico, while Le Duc bought coffees.

Next to me, a young knitter worked turquoise yarn into a scarf, the sun just warm enough to work without stiff fingers:

A friend joined her, in shoes that matched her yarn:

The passers-by added one small touch to still-sensible ensembles, and ah, what hope in that touch! Coloured pants like the ochre jeans below broke winter's darks:

And seemed even more piquant on a man:

Surrounded by others in black, a citron skirt and a smile leavened the day: 

The only green in sight: pants!

The scarf in mulberry and gold signaled the season's change, and she was so tender with her baby, who wore a bright hand-knit cap and royal-blue snowsuit:

A butterscotch coat's sweep suggests a vintage provenance. The big scarves on both are très Montrèalaise:

But the most beautiful face belonged to a husky; I could have gazed into those ice-blue pools for hours:

Boutique windows evoke dreams, such as an audacious pantsuit: 

The reality: patches of snow and ice, and more flurries in the forecast. Still, we  sit outdoors the instant we can, even if we have to huddle in ski jackets!

On the sunny side of the street, spring comes just a few days earlier.


Susan B said…
Duchesse, I think your denizens of Montréal are very stylish people indeed. And that ochre coat...swooning here. Here's hoping Spring will muscle her way in soon!
Your fellow shoppers are much more colourful than what I see on our streets. I wonder if it is a climate thing or perhaps that Montreal has a much more Euro chic fashion vibe. I have been wearing the sunny yellow puffy jacket on my walks and my husband commented that he will not lose me in a crowd!
LPC said…
I love these posts. I would not really have had thoughts about Montreal before, from all the way here in California. I visited the city, once, in the early 80s. It was January, a friend had a ticket to the Grey Cup. We wore sleeping bags. Clearly the city deserves a better visit:).
materfamilias said…
Ah, le printemps! Thank you for this.
Duchesse said…
Pseu: I can't resist people-watching, one of my favourite outdoor sports.

hostess: I'd vote for the culture; IMO any climate accommodates style or not.

LPC: Talk about trial by fire! We can have a 60(C) temperature difference between the coldest and warmest weather, and you visited during the statistically coldest month!

materfamilias: The fun day is the sunny one when the temperature reaches 5C and all the jeunes filles cast off their coats and tights, as if it were at least 15 degrees warmer!

LauraH said…
We're having a balmy day here - 10C - amazing and lovely. Wonderful to see that spring is on the way, especially since a snow storm is headed this way for tomorrow. I bought two pots of those little just-about-to-bloom daffs from the local flower store, they're so cheering.
Tiffany said…
My goodness, I cannot imagine those temperatures. Our winter days occasionally go as low as 12C, but rarely ... But what a great looking city it is.
materfamilias said…
LPC'S story reminds me that my first visit to Montreal (albeit I was far too young to remember) was when my parents arrived there after driving cross-country with my brother and I, both under 2, ready to catch a boat to England to visit my dad's family. And they arrived in Montreal on St. Jean de Baptiste Day!! -- I can only imagine. . . with a shudder, having traveled with kids, but never under such strenuous circs. Yikes!
I think it has been the coldest winter in 20 years, and I was 20 years younger then. Thank the Cat Goddess an old friend from across the pond (not a lover, a dear friend) is visiting; hopefully that will chase dark thoughts and at least make me busy. I HATE winter.

Today we had a mild respite and I was out on my bicycle, and indeed, there were brave souls sunning themselves as if it was really spring. Including some gentlemen of pensioner age from South Asia, on the benches in the park in front of the Loblaws supermarket. They were chatting and enjoying life.

Renzo's birthday next week!!!!!
Eleanorjane said…
Gosh, that still does look quite cold, but hooray for signs of spring!

I was thrilled to come back to England to see spring has sprung with daffodils and magnolias in full bloom and little green leaves starting on the trees. Yay spring!

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