Various enjoyments: A harvest of delights

Summer's pleasures were not just wild blueberries and sweet corn. You may already know about these particular delights that came my way, contributed by various friends and family.

Blog: BrainPickings 
My friend Ronni sent me the link and I'm hooked on Maria Popova's  "interestingness digest". Smart, eclectic and always something to learn. I especially enjoyed a compendium, "Five Timeless Books of Insight on Fear and the Creative Process".

Book (English): Hand-Drying in America, by Ben Katchor 
We are big Katchor fans, and this compilation of weekly stories first published in the weekly paper  Metropolis, delivers his incomparable quirk.

Book (French):  Carnet d'une femme de chambre, text by Jean-Paul Pigeat, drawings by Fabrice Moreau. Not to be confused with a racy ca, 1900 novel (or, go ahead if you prefer), Carnet is a partly-authentic, partly embellished reproduction of drawings made from a chambermaid's observation of life in a grand French chateau, circa 1900. A fascinating glimpse into another time, with sly humour as a bonus.

Film: 20 Feet from Stardom
The documentary recounts the grinding yet (mostly) fulfilling careers of actual backup singers, featuring those who came on the scene in the '60s and '70s: Merry Clayton, Darlene Love and Judith Hill, among others. Glorious voices, heartrending stories.

No suprises here about the machinations of the music industry.

 Accessories: Judy Geib
Even well into the fine-jewelry category, there are far too many unimaginative designs that show minimal technique, but command four-figure price tags. 

I bow instead before Judy Geib, whose work is fresh, uncontrived and beautifully crafted. Whether on your save-for list, or just to admire, she is special. 

One example: Striped opal double-drop earrings, price, $3,180:
Do enjoy more of her exquisite work here.

Style: How to Dress Wearing Black in Summer; 4-minute video with Imogen Fox, from The Guardian.

Summer's over, and the pants pricey, but the lessons apply for any dark neutral. For those who feel about six years old in pastels, don't like busy prints, or just like to wear black, here's how to keep it going year-round.

Any recent discoveries you'd like to share?


Here is another delight coming our way: a new library with inventive design and a lot of light, a short walk south from chez moi ou chez La Duchesse:

In French but mostly photos of the new library, named for Marc Favreau, who was a "wise clown", Sol, with a rich and clever use of the French language.

And how I love those earrings! Perhaps in another life.
LPC said…
It was just kind of fun to watch the video and imagine an urban chic lifestyle:).
materfamilias said…
What a fun mix you've put together -- thanks! I'm making note of the books.
barbara said…
Must win the Jackpot of the lottery this weekend, b/c a lot of those earrings are tdf.
What a colorful caleidoscope you wrote, thank you.
Duchesse said…
lagatta: Me, too. And I find looking at exquisite things hones my eye for the things I can afford.

LPC: I have enjoyed your posts about your forays into San Francisco, another chic urban setting.

materfamilias: Occureed to me after the post both are graphic, This is a pleasant way for me to read in French, the illustrations help.

barbara: Ms. Geib is making original work that's also so wearable. So many jewelers are talented at self-promotion but their designs are quite pedestrian.

Unknown said…
The video was fun. I love wearing black year round :).

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