One day, it changes: Montréal, early fall

Sunday was in the low 60s F/17C. In sheltered corners you felt the sun's heat, but when le fond de l'air est frais as they say here, everyone wraps in scarves. I've probably seen more in just over two years here than in my previous lifetime.

A typical Montréalaise: lots of black, footless tights and a big shawl to traverse the warm-cool day:

Hers was one of the beauties; its soft palette mitigates bulk. He knew I was appreciative! 

A feminine floral tames strict black leather; notice he's in a scarf, too!

Pretty girl in pretty scarf: not so unusual; with fur earrings: look again!

Plaid worked into a pale ensemble:

And always, someone in black on black:

You've asked me to shoot some older women; I admired her soft blue scarf and raspberry glasses:

Seventy-five if a day. Would you have the verve to wear a newsboy cap sideways? Hope I do!

But oh, the young girls! I found this blonde échalotte striking; she was well over 6 feet...

...most of it legs, topped off with those sneakers:

What were they buying? Local mushrooms, bushels of tomatoes, bunches of leeks, big as brooms.

We stopped for coffee before walking home; I'm wearing a crinkled silk scarf from Ten Thousand Villages.

And now, time to make plum jam!


Susan said…
It's not scarf weather in Dallas yet, but we are leaving for London on Monday and the weather there appears to be close to yours. I'm packing scarves to go with my various black/gray/white ensembles.
Loved this post!! I have to live autumn vicariously through others since I am also in Texas!! Plum jam sounds wonderful!!
Swissy said…
Love that shade of red-orange on you. What a great transitional scarf. It might have to be my 10,000th scarf! And then, too, you do look fabulous all 'round.
Susan B said…
Ooh, love seeing all of the scarves! I looks as though lighter weight fabrics dominate right now. You look marvelous in your red, Duchesse! I love the crinkly texture of some of the scarves you've shown. And the marché...those chanterelles...I'm salivating.
Darla said…
I got a kick out of the newsboy cap. Recently my teen GD and I were going out for a walk, me wearing my newsboy cap the staid way. She reached up and turned it to the side and said "That's how it goes Nana". BTW, I happen to be 75. Hahaha.

You look terrific in the red scarf.

frugalscholar said…
I love the European vibe in Montreal. You look so happy.

Did you always make jam or is this a Montreal-thing also??
Madame Là-bas said…
Your Montreal life seems so very European with the market and the day to day street style. Your red scarf with your curls is very pretty.
Anonymous said…
My husband and I lived in Montreal for 6 months, and couldn't get over all the beautiful young women. We kept saying to each other as we walked the city streets, "Oh look at that one!" We are in our 70's and really appreciated all the beauty.
Kristien62 said…
Five years ago, on a visit to Montreal, I sat at a sidewalk café and marveled at how many young, well-dressed girls on their way to work were wearing scarves. It was July and quite warm. I mentioned this to someone and she explained that the scarves serve as a wrap in air-conditioned offices, in addition to being a stylish accessory. Since that time, I've adopted the scarf as my go-to accessory. My husband tells me that I don't need to buy anymore, but I beg to differ. So many scarves- so little time.
Duchesse said…
Susan: Scrves are my #1 travel accessory, too. have a wonderful trip!

Pam: I have family in TX; they speak of fall but to us in the north they do not really have it, just as we don't have a full spring.

Swissy: Very light but warm and works well both indoors and outdoors.

Pseu: The scarves wll get heavier when the temps drop, in winter people wear what look like small sofa throws.

Dalra: Isn't it wonderful to have your very own young stylist?

frugal: We've made jams and jellies forever but I was inspired by a recent Mark Bittman piece in the NYT Sunday magazine; he said to just boil any stone fruit with a ittle sugar, reducing to jam consistency and not bother canning, then eat within 2 weeks.

Mme: I love Montréal, not simply b/c it is 'European' but b/c it is itself. Hard to explain that, I might try in another post.

Anonymous; They are remarkable- original and vivacious- and not only the young ones.

Kristien62: Will only support you! We spend far less on clothes than if we didn't rely on scarves, and never 'outgrow' them.

Charlotte said…
I enjoy all your posts, but the Montreal street styles are my favorites. What a marvelous city you live in!
Of course the young women look beautiful. But what really struck me was that you look just fabulous. Truly!
materfamilias said…
It will be 27 degrees here today, much much higher in my classroom, so no scarves yet. That makes your post even more fun as I begin to anticipate the many ways I'll be wearing my scarves. And you know, if I were in Montreal now, photographing scarves (if wishes were horses!), I'd be snapping you in your red first of all -- you look great!
barbara said…
How I love your street shots of "real" women!
And your look is more european than anything else.
Anonymous said…
Ooh, you're my favourite look of the day with that lovely pumpkin orange scarf. I also like the pale tarten print one.

I just got a mauve scarf with subtle greyish and greenish pattern (in Paris, no less! In Tie Rack, an English chain store, but still, it was in Paris and it's a French-made scarf).
Duchesse said…
Charlotte: A stellar place for people-watching!

Carol: Thank you, and hope to provide more photos of 'real women' occasionally.

materfamilias: Please keep your eye open for a conference or any other excuse to visit!

barbara: It's so typical here that it's not really noticeable but I do see the difference when I cross the border.

birdiebegins: I know Tie Rack from its airport boutiques, happy you found "your" scarf! IMO they are perfect souvenirs.

Mardel said…
Oh the scarves look so luscious and tempting. If only the humidity would abate and I could stand the thought of something around my neck. Soon.
Unknown said…
Your street style photos are always so much fun. Your red scarf is gorgeous.

The thing I've found trying scarves as an accessory is that they're too much trouble for me to manage. Mine always come untied and look untidy. And, whenever I walk into an overly warm building I can't wait to take it off!

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